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  • After hours of troubleshooting I finally got to the problem, by luck!

    While going through the extensions in php.ini, I noticed the php_mysql.dll was disabled. So I enabled it, and bbpress started to work out great!

    So it didn’t really have anything to do with gettext, but without that tip I guess I wouldn’t have checked the extensions at all!

    Thanks for the help, all of you!

    I have an /ext/ folder, with all the extensions including php_gettext.dll.

    In php.ini the extension_dir is set to “C:/Program/PHP/ext”, which is correct.

    By using phpinfo(); I can see that gettext is enabled.

    Further, I have tried re-installing PHP.

    Still, I get the same results as above. Any help?

    Thanks Trent, but that link gave me nothing :(

    Fel64, I don’t really get what you mean with “live Windows server”… anyhow it’s a WindowsXP server, Apache 2.2, PHP5, latest MySQL – all installed on a personal LAN server.

    And the Apache/PHP installation works fine with some other simple PHP applications.

    I also tried to copy an older installation of bbpress that worked fine on a previous WinXP/Apache server, but due to a disk failure I had to format the drive and re-install everything.

    However, that older bbpress turned out with the exact problem (blank page) and the same line Apache’s error.log…

    My guess is something’s wrong with my Apache/PHP installation.



Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)