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    Please… with icecream and cherries on top.

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    When I figure out how to use Trac, then I WILL fix it. 8รพ

    Unless some one else beats me to it. ;-)

    And seeing as you appear to be familiar with the inner workings of all of this, perhaps you might be the person to do it.

    Thanks Fel64.

    That’s what I ended up doing. I figured out the changes to the function names ect from WP to BB.

    So now I’ve successfully converted the Tiger Sytle Admin and the Admin Drop Menus to BB.

    When I’m finished the last details on them, I’ll make them publicly available. ;-)

    Where should I announce these plugins?

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    Why have the authors of BBPress been so daft as to not add a “my-plugins” directory to the default installation of BBPress?

    It was my first question, just like everybody else on the forum, “where’s the plugin folder”.

    Hey, it might seem obvious to those of you who know the BBPress, but for heaven’s sake make it easy for the newbies. You did it for WordPress, so why not BBPress?

    Get with it and think of the users you programmers! 8)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)