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    @pagal, human test works like a charm THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!’

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    pagal you rock, cant wait to try them out!

    especially the .ru!

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    @pagal Thanks, I will certainly try out the plug ins.

    @kevinjohngallagher I’m not going to argue with you, not enough time unless I turn on my dragon… akismet works spectacular on wordpress and needs some love on bbpress. If I was a programmer i would be on it. I only need this to work on one site.

    yes, for real I have a lot of sites (stopped counting at 70) and you will always find me here at my pc. I have made a living on the internet since 1997. Friends at Google, seo professional and just learning the css stuff loving wordpress.

    I love bbpress and do not use any captcha for anything but my email forms, and the people who are not using it are are not getting a lot of traffic. if I didnt have captcha on my sites for email forms it would be game over. I get maybe 1-2 human spams a week if that. And my sales are going up up and up.

    BBpress was hard enough to learn how to install it and then get all the spam.

    and ya know I may have something goofed up in one of my files causing askimet to not work. I have two forums going and one gets only 3 spams a day the other gets 20. Then again the one that gets 20 I think was just indexed and has a lot of content.

    the other was just a test site. I will reinstall and see what happens.

    I just wont be able to handle it with one site that it is in the top 5 for many major keywords and we get 50 questions(emails) a day. I know the forum would be a smash instantly as they are using the feed back comments like mad.

    I will try a few thing s and see what works. This site makes me way to much money to have it not work. I am still debating on moving it over to wordpress.

    Lots of pros and cons to everything these days! Anyways, I have been dong this a long long time, so far my system is definitely working for me. I just have one small hurdle. If I did only have one or two sites it would be a piece of cake. As a SEO professional, I’m like a kid in a candy store. And every day I find an easier way and that is what is all about. That and to learn from one another.

    meanwhile imagine bbpress with no forum… and they just got emails all day asking how to do this or how to do that…. that is where I am at.

    so all in all i guess it depends on what you are doing on the net and how you are making your money..

    captcha has never slowed me down but I type extremely fast to. I forget about the two finger typers.

    I can say this, one time I forgot to put a captcha code on one website and wow what a mess 500 spams a day! I have also used every site builder under the sun and they all recommend it. To me it is like a seat belt law, you hate to put it on, but you know it is for the smart thing to do.

    Thanks again sorry for typos, sleepy! 240 am here in Texas.

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    I agree/disagree with you on that, however

    what other way is there? I have 100 active sites that get a lot of emails and without captcha there is no way I could keep up. Some of them got 500 spams a day. Captcha instantly fixed it and I still get just as many emails from customers asking questions if not more. To me it separates those that are truly serious and those that are not. If typing 4 extra letters makes you decide not to post then you really are not serious are you?

    I did my own test and there was no difference. I simply the signup form to make up for it.

    If there is another way I would surely do it. All mine are just 4 digit, so some get past it, but it stops 99%.

    I like the one that is numbers eg: 2+7 = and then you just put in 9.

    not sure if it is worth a hoot. Assuming not as I do not see them very often.

    I do appreciate the feed back and the consideration. I definitely want my users to have a pleasant experience.

    I have a major site that I gets mega traffic on and mega questions so I was hoping to integrate this, but I would be worried I might delete accounts that I mistake for spam that are not. The sign up of any new forum is a task, so I do not think an extra 10th of a second for a captcha code would make people go anywhere else.

    It is the huge captcha codes that are nerve wrecking. Especially when you cannot get them to work. Even Google down sized theirs to 4 digits on adwords.

    I am in no way a “bad” moderator a busy one yes.

    I really appreciate your help. I know everyone is busy, and I appreciate the responses.

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    Wouldn’t a simple solution be to add a captcha key when they sign up as a user? I am by no means a programmer, and really just impressed myself that I could install bbpress with my wordpress, but it seems captcha codes work pretty good.

    Maybe someone can make a plug in for it?

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    Thank you!

    Sweet, I will give it a shot. Thank you!

    I had the same problem and noticed the entire admin file was missing. I just added the file back and it worked like normal.

    What I am having a major issue with is spam. mega sign ups for casino and porn. My akismet is turned on so I do not understand it. I also have a valid key code.

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