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    @netweb said:

    definitely private group forum posts should not be showing up when using [bbp-topic-index].

    So I am trying to wrap my head around how this topic index shortcode should work. Is it intended to only display public forums? Or should it display forums the user has permissions to see?

    If the latter, is that determined by the forum visibility, the buddypress group privacy status, or both?

    Here is what I am experiencing with bbp 2.4, BP 1.8.1, and WP 3.6:

    If the visibility of a group forum is changed (at the forum level) from published to private then a user with the forum role of participant can see the private forums in the topic index as well as on the forum root page. These are visible even if the user isn’t a member of that BP group.

    But if I use the repair tool to “recalculate private and hidden forums”, that same user can no longer see them in the topic index (again, regardless of if the user is a group member or not), but can still view them on the forum root page.

    Is this what should be happening?

    Or perhaps is this related to this defect?

    My ultimate goal is to have a user role that can view private topics and another role that can not. Can this be accomplished using that topic-index shortcode, or do I need to find another solution?

    Thanks for all your efforts!



    After updating to 2.4 I han no longer change forum visibility to “hidden.”

    When editing a single forum via the WP dashboard, there is the ability to select hidden from the drop down menu, but after hitting the update button it reverts back to the previous state (either public or private).

    When bulk editing a group of forums via the WP dashboard, there is not an option of “hidden” to select.

    Has this visibility option been removed?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)