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  • I’ve been trying to install and integrate wp 2.5.1 and bbPress 0.9 a couple of times to have both cookie- and userdata integrated, but after removing all databases and configfiles two times in a row and reinstalling I still get this error in my bbPress-installation:

    Duplicate key name ‘user_nicename’

    >>> User tables will already exist when performing a database integrated installation.

    What causes this error?

    *couldn’t edit my previous post anymore – hence the double*

    Hehe, I’m mighty proud now! I figured I’d check the config-files for both installation and see whether the information was matched or not (not having any idea what so ever if that could be the problem) and I found the different security-keys wasn’t identical – so I fixed that.

    Now I have commenced mapping the role-maps and everything seems to be on track again. Thanks a lot for this guide and for making the systems compatible, saved me (well probably) an immense amount of time!

    Well, the installation (with full wp-integration) went as smooth as it could have, but the index.php doesn’t want to load. Not even when fully referred to in the URL (/forums/index.php).

    My ftp-client sees the full installation and the content of the file seems to be ok. What settings could cause this error other than the URL actually not being valid, though I can’t figure out why that should be? :P

    EDIT: I found that Firefox can open and read the readme.txt and licence.txt just fine, but it wont execute the php-files properly… this is just wierd?? What the heck did I miss here?

    I guess I’ll try then, “beta” is the new “stable” nowdays anyway, how bad could it get ^^

    EDIT: wp is installed in /blog, what is the recommended path for the bbPress in that case, if any?

    I have a fresh installation of the latest release of WordPress and integrating it with an installation of bbPress seems to be easy enough for a non-hacker like myself.

    But, how unstable is the 1.0 alpha of bbPress really? The site I’m working on is to be a soon-to-be-released homepage for a choir that will use it mainly for news, recruiting and general talk. Would you rather advice me to go for the wp 2.5.1 + bbPress 0.9 version?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)