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  • ashfame,

    Thank you. I am just getting used to all of this. Yes, that was obvious. DUH!! I feel like an idiot. Anyway, I consider this topic answered to my satisfaction.

    Thanks all,



    Thanks for the info. I got the instant password to work. Is there a way for members to change password once they are logged in?



    Can someone answer this and let us newbies know how to add this plug-in please?



    I want my users to be able to make their own password.

    What I am ultimately trying to do is allow the users to get back to the home page of the website from this home page of the forum. You’re right! I didn’t think that it should be in the phpBB folder. This is my first website and I guess it shows. When I tried once before to just add link path back to http://oakleafmeadowshoa.net/default.html it gave an error page stating that this url page was not found.

    I don’t want the default.html in the forum folder but just need a proper path back to the home page of my website.

    Okay, I did get the link to work going back to the home page. I added a copy of the default.html in the bb-templates folder. The problem is that it does not bring along the css styling. The website is password protected but I have created a temporary user and password so that someone can take a look at this and tell me if there is a way to bring along the css styling with my default page so that when users link back to the home page, it will look like it originally looks.

    user: tempuser

    pass: GNN*Xup*OrD, (don’t forget the comma)


    Just go to Bulletin Board page and link to the forum. I put the home page link at the top left in the header.



    I uploaded it from my hosting company. I got it to work but because it is in this header the path shows my link to exist in phpBB. Because of that, the website home page is rendered that it does not exist. Can I just upload the header.php into hosting and not have to put it back where I got it.


    Don’t let the folder I put it in be misleading. I had created a folder for phpBB and then decided to go with bbPress because it was so much simplier. My website is for our homeowner’s association and I don’t expect much traffic so the bbPress was a better choice for me.

    I have Windows and can copy and edit it in Notepad but then how do I get it uploaded back to the header.php? Sorry, I’m fairly new to this…. I mean I know how to upload it but will the changes take affect right then or do I need to do something in my file manager?

    Okay, so I found it. I opened it in WordPad, added my link code after this:

    <div id=”header” role=”banner”>

    saved it, and closed WordPad.

    I then browsed back to the forum and nothing has changed. Can someone shed some light on this?



    Okay. Thank you. I will look for it there.

    I cannot find header.php. Is it in a subfolder???

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)