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  • Well, I wouldn’t be so harsh… It’s not even 1.0 software yet and I’m looking to integrate two applications from SVN trunk, ideally using a third-party LDAP plugin :-) I didn’t really expect it to work but hopefully reporting my findings might help us along the way…

    I’ve spent enough time on it for now, but will watch for progress and help test with interest.

    Just to add to this conversation: I’ve tried to integrate WPMU Version 2.7-RC1-10145 and bbPress Version 1.0-alpha-2 (both from svn trunk).

    User accounts are being shared, user roles are not mapping, cookies are not working.

    Anyone else got past this point without a dirty hack for these recent versions?

    (On another note, bbPress doesn’t seem to want to know about users that are created from LDAP accounts which WPMU is authenticating against. It only recognises locally created accounts). I’m using this nice plugin for LDAP.

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    Glad someone else is having the same problem :-) I’ve managed to make things even more complicated now as I’ve integrated LDAP authentication with WPMU 2.7 but bbpress doesn’t seem to be able authenticate users that are created in WPMU from LDAP.

    Ah, well. Enough for one day.

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    Did you integrate bbpress 1.0 svn and wpmu 2.7 svn? That’s what I’m trying to do. I’ve got them both sharing users, but the cookies are not being shared. I’d appreciate any advice.


    Isn’t Sam’s plugin almost what you’re looking for:

    It’s not a fully fledged forum plugin, but I’m guessing it’s something you could build on.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)