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    I’ve spent lots and lots of time trying to make this work in Swedish. Finally I took @dykarna files and used them and then it worked. So my conlcusion is that there was something wrong with my .po & .mo files…

    Those files i downloaded from but for some reason could not make it work.

    The solution proposals for this problem are scattered in different parts of this forum and I think not properly adressed by bbpress for the new versions as far as I see it. is of course explaining the way to do it but does not adress the possible .mo and .po problems, I think. I agree to what @dykarna have said:

    After having read this thread and I sit with the same problem. Then it would probably be appropriate to maybe get to a function so you can thru the admin panel choose which language you wish. Yes, and that all language files included with the package when installing bbPress.

    Or one might even in the admin panel to add a “upload” of language files so they end up where they should and is automatically activated .. yes I’ve seen it in Joomla but there is something quite different but the principle

    However, i’m very pleased that it works for me now. I just need to find the non-translated parts now…

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)