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    I’m still having a problem accessing the forum admin. I can log into my WP admin just fine, but when trying to access the forum admin it just redirects to the forum again. It won’t let me get into the settings

    I was able to easily solve my issue by finding one careless mistake. In my wp-config.php file I simply copied the authentication keys (4 of them) and pasted them into my bbpress’s config.php file. What I did not notice is that in wp-config.php they keys are prefixed like this:

    define(‘AUTH_KEY’,’my unique key is here’);

    While in the bbpress config.php, the keys are prefix like this:

    define( ‘BB_AUTH_KEY’,’my unique key is here’ );

    The only difference is AUTH_KEY versus BB_AUTH_KEY, but that made the difference. Hope this helps technotip…

    thanks _ck_ for emphasizing the auth keys =)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)