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  • Thanks for the answer!

    If you need to pre-moderate new topics/posts, there’s a great plugin for that here

    If the subject matter is political/contentious, this can be a useful tool :)

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    You need to create a MySQL database, and then set that in the bb-config file, under MySQL settings. It will need to know the username for your database too.

    If you’re unclear about setting up a MySQL database on your server, you might need to get bbpress installed for you…

    Make sure you haven’t got ‘Post status’ set to ‘deleted’ – try changing it to ‘all’

    It always defaults to ‘deleted’ on my installation for some reason.

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    Ah yes – I had a bit of a fiddle and found bb_get_user

    $uid = $bb_post->poster_id;

    $bb_user = bb_get_user( $uid );

    $uname = $bb_user->user_nicename;

    This does the job fine :) Thanks

    Ah I think I see now – Bozo seems to work ok. Once a user has been marked as bozo, his future posts only show when logged in as that user.

    If he logs out though, he will notice that his posts are being blocked. It’s a pity the Bozo feature doesn’t use his IP address as well as username.

    Still a useful feature though.

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    I think I’ve fixed it – fully ‘integrated’ bbpress and wp for cookie sharing AND user database. Now it’s using the wp tables for user data, and is giving out the correct cookie… and all users can login :)

    Exactly the same problem here – posted yesterday.

    It is odd that admin can still login though…? Do you find the same?

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    Yep that’s exactly the same problem…

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    Ok I switched the theme back to standard, but still have the problem. None of the extra javascript is being loaded with this theme either, so it rules that out.

    My bbpress is installed in my wordpress folder (in ‘forum’ subdirectory), but I haven’t configured anything in bbpress admin – settings – wordpress integration… I didn’t think it was necessary as wordpress only needs one admin user. Could this be the problem?

    I should add that my bbpress config.php is using require_once to call in wp-blog-header.php. This lets bbpress load the wordpress functions so I can use the wordpress header/footer in my theme. Perhaps this is causing a conflicting cookie or something?

    It just seems weird that bbpress lets me login as admin no problem?!


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)