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Bozo explanation please?

  • Hello

    So a user posts an obnoxious comment and I mark him as a bozo. He is now listed under Users – Bozos. I can still see his comment in the forum though, so perhaps that’s because I’m logged in as a keymaster. So I log out, and the comment is still there.

    Please could someone tell me how the Bozo setting works? Now that he’s marked as bozo, will it make any future posts from him ‘invisible’? Does it work by IP address or user login? How does it show him his posts, but nobody else?

    Using BBPress intergrated with WP


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  • As a Bozo he will get error messages from now on, i think

    Ah I think I see now – Bozo seems to work ok. Once a user has been marked as bozo, his future posts only show when logged in as that user.

    If he logs out though, he will notice that his posts are being blocked. It’s a pity the Bozo feature doesn’t use his IP address as well as username.

    Still a useful feature though.

    It also will automatically mark spam users as bozos, if they post something that Akismet catches.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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