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  • @Gautam Fair point.

    @anointed I hope so, perhaps the new version might have better out of the box support

    @letheos I think I will have another go with bbcodes, this does now seem like the best option. I’ll post back if I have any luck.

    Thanks for the replies.



    I found BJ’s post above the most useful. The trick seems to be not to put the bbpress files in your existing theme, this didn’t work for me. But as BJ suggests, put them in your WP theme folder.

    This seemed to get me a step futher, as at least the forum “works” now in terms of functionality. Unfortunately the styling still needs some work.

    Anyone any ideas regarding what else I need to do, or is now just a case of trying to apply my themes’s styling some how?

    Forum currently looks like this:

    Oh, the other annoying thing is that the social bookmark function from WP’s Jetpack seems to be appearing! That’s one for another day!.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)