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bbPress 2.0 Thesis Compatibility

  • Has anyone been able to get bbPress 2.0 and the Thesis theme to work together?

    I have tried a number of things but I just can’t get it to work.

    If I do nothing and rely on the default theme the forum is totally unusable. Not only is there no styling but none of the functionality works (no links appear for a start!).

    I have tried creating a child theme as per instructions on this forum, tried using shortcodes and I have also tried copying the relevant parts of the default theme over to the thesis theme folder.

    This seems to get slightly better results in the sense that I get the forum functionality, but there is no styling. You can see my current attempt here:

    It seems to me like part of the theme’s framework is somehow breaking bbPress, there must be some fundamental incompatibility in there somewhere – but I really don’t know enough to debug this.

    I have asked over at the Thesis support forum but there seems to be little understanding of what’s going on over there. Is there anyone over here who has any suggestions?

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  • Gautam Gupta


    Thesis is a paid theme and we can’t say anything about it unless we have access to its source. :)



    As bbPress follows all WordPress code standards, I am going to assume it is something to do with thesis.

    Chris is a great coder so I am certain that he would have no problem coming up with a fix for thesis.

    You can use shortcodes and just add some custom css styling.

    @Gautam Fair point.

    @anointed I hope so, perhaps the new version might have better out of the box support

    @letheos I think I will have another go with bbcodes, this does now seem like the best option. I’ll post back if I have any luck.

    Thanks for the replies.

    I am also trying to integrate bbpress plugin with thesis…..Have not been able to ! The page I point to the forum from my menus shows up as the Thesis Blog, but not like the Bbpress plgun Forum……..I look forward to some guidance or I might have to look at a different option for my Forum



    Did you ask Chris about the problem?

    As he is the author of Thesis, and a fantastic coder, I am sure that he has a simple solution.

    Gautam Gupta


    You all may try out a plugin made by @kristarella and see if it works. (I haven’t tested it out myself)

    @Anointed Do you know how to contact Chris? I went to his Blog/Forum but there are about 40,000 people that have bought Thesis and he cannot answer questions to all of them, perhaps the reason I could not find his contact info. One of the people on his team / network has worked a solution @kristarella as @Gautam suggested

    @Gautam: I downloaded the plugin and installed it, and it all seemed to be going well, the Forum page was actually linked to the real forum BUT:

    I got this error at the top of the forum page:

    Fatal error:

    Call to undefined method stdClass::have_posts() in /home/content/28/7732828/html/jkewbform/wp-content/plugins/bbpress/bbp-includes/bbp-forum-template.php on line 117

    Any ideas why or what it means and how I can fix it? Thanks




    Sorry I don’t know Chris personally so no special contact info. I would simply post the question on his support forums, and maybe send him a twitter message.

    As kristarella is already working on a solution I am guessing that means there are a few people asking about bbpress support in his forums already. finally got it working!!!!

    Go and DONATE her some cash!!

    Works great too



    For anyone else struggling to get BB Press and Thesis 2 to work (ie forums page showing blank) see these instructions:

    “the problem in this case isn’t with Thesis per se, it’s just that you have to configure the Template being used for that page in a specific way in order for it to work with bbPress:

    Launch the Thesis Skin Editor and access the Forums template (i.e., the one which is nested under the Archive template).

    Expand the Post Box in that Template, and then remove all of the boxes which are currently inside of it.

    Then, click “show tray” at the bottom of the Post Box, and click on Post Box → Content to add that dependent box to the parent Post Box; then save the template.

    Once you’ve done that, view the page at /forums/ again, and you should then see the Forum Index displayed on that page (assuming you’ve not changed the plugin’s default “Forum root to show” option).”

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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