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  • I take all that babble back……it turns out it is Hidden Forums 0.0.2 by _ck_ ……….i turned it on again, and it did it again……once i turned it off, the stuff hit the fan again.

    so something in that code isnt jiving with my new admins

    ok i figured it out, there was an issue where the bbpress and wordpress were using two different databases for users, once i made them coincie with each other, everything worked…..

    thanks for your help!

    so is it best then to upgrade? or is there another reason that would be causing all of this?

    ok, i know this is going to make me look dumb, but how do i do that? how do i change how they are set up without it messing everything up?

    the keymaster sees things normally. only new admins and mods have this issue. yes, its as if the new admins and mods cant access the database that logs the forums. i am at a loss to how this is. especially after ive deleted all plugins and even created a new member and upgraded to admin. same issue. the only thing i can see is that there is an update for wordpress 2.6.1…….could that be an issue?

    ok, so i have disabled each plugin, and all plugins at one time, and i still have this issue. i also created new member after all plugins deactivated, and upgraded it to admin, but still no dice.

    im at a loss here…..

    another stumble…..i can see posts that are listed under the generic “welcome to the support forums” forums as the admin. but not the specifically created forums that were created after install……

    i might have stumbled upon something…….when new posts occur, the admin account can see them…..is it possible that the history is not transferring over to the admin settings, and thats why he cant see them??


    on the left is what the member sees, but when changed to admin, the admin only sees a blank forum, the tags are still there, and in the profile page, the account does not see the previous posts he made.

    but when changed back to member, its as if nothing changed.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)