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    I figured out that bbpressbbp-includesbbp-extend-genesis.php forces full-width content if you are using a Genesis theme or child theme. I changed the full-width-content to content-sidebar in that file, and now all my archive pages have a sidebar. I know I’m not supposed to just edit the files and save them back to the same location, though. Where should I put my version for my child theme?



    Thank you Lynq. I knew that I was having a conflict between my archive page and my page that I created called “Forums.” What I really want to do is add a sidebar to my archive page, but I am confused as to why it doesn’t already have one. I tried copying the file bp-themes/bp-default/archive.php into my child theme and adding



    Template Name: Archive


    * @package BuddyPress

    * @subpackage Theme


    but it still isn’t using that as the template for my archive page. Any thoughts?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)