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  • [EDIT chrishajer] I am a frequent user/theme builder for wordpress and more and more clients of mine want what chris is describing. I personally would find it to be a great help to have all of those 3 things. “From the creators of wordpress” is actually what turned me onto bbpress as well. I wanted a forum that would work hand in hand with wordpress. I wish I had more coding knowledge to be able to really contribute to the discussion. [EDIT -chrishajer] I’d say that people like me don’t necessarily need bbpress to be a plugin, but would like it to work with wordpress as if they were made for each other, so-to-speak.

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    Hi, I’m a freelance graphic designer and I love wordpress and I’ve recently started to love bbpress. I’ve been customizing wordpress themes for a while now and I’ve just started getting into bbpress. Since I’ve been using these two so often, I really want to give something back. I don’t really have money or coding skills to contribute, I was hoping maybe I could help by coming up with a shiny cool template/theme that could possibly be included as one of the default themes. I’ve only just begun to figure out theming in bbpress, but I really want to contribute something, and design skills is what I got(i think :D). All I’d need is to possibly be informed on new features or functions that I could design for. I could come up with cool mock-ups, and if the community likes it, I could chop it up into a theme.

    yeah i did. sorry. i thought i changed this to resolved. it was because the wp site was set without the www in the address and I was using www so it only went to the homepage.

    apparently it’s because of the www in the links

    Ok so I started the install of bbPress and ran into this same issue so I stopped at step 2. Now I know I need to install the 1.0 version, but since I’ve already configured the database( Part 1 of install ), does that mean I’ll have to erase/change/do something to the database besides just deleting the bbPress files and uploading the new version?

    Also, I never put the secret keys in when I installed wordpress. Does that mean I’ll have to resintall to put the secret keys in, or can I simply change the config file and over-write the old one and everything will work that way?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)