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  • FYI, I modified the plug-in slightly to prevent moderators from messing with other forums they are not assigned to by this plug-in in bbpress version 0.8.

    changed function forum_moderators_process_capacities in forum-moderators.php, added some additional filters:

    $filtering_caps = array(

    'manage_topics' ,

    'edit_closed' ,

    'edit_deleted' ,

    'browse_deleted' ,

    'edit_others_tags' ,

    'edit_others_topics' ,

    'manage_posts' ,

    'ignore_edit_lock' ,









    added filters:






    don’t know exactly what I’m doing but that hacked seemed to do what I want.

    using 0.8

    Having some issues with this plugin. I’m able to access forum Users->Forum Moderators from my admin panel and can also update moderator privileges for specific users here. The updates seem to stick and appear correct on this page, however they do not seem to actually effect the user (moderators) themselves.

    When I log in as one of these moderators whom I’ve assigned to a specific forum, they are still able to moderator any forum I have created, whether they are assinged as a moderator to it or not, so basically they have global moderator privileges.

    Am I missing something?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)