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    Hi All !!
    I have upgraded phpBB 3.0.4 to 3.2.8 recently following steps on Upgrading from 3.0 to 3.2

    When trying to import to bbpress 2.5.4 on a WP 5.2.3 I get this message:

    Error en la base de datos de WordPress: [Unknown column 'forums.forum_topics' in 'field list']
    SELECT convert(forums.forum_id USING "utf8mb4") AS forum_id,convert(forums.parent_id USING "utf8mb4") AS parent_id,convert(forums.forum_topics USING "utf8mb4") AS forum_topics,convert(forums.forum_posts USING "utf8mb4") AS forum_posts,convert(forums.forum_topics_real USING "utf8mb4") AS forum_topics_real,convert(forums.forum_name USING "utf8mb4") AS forum_name,convert(forums.forum_desc USING "utf8mb4") AS forum_desc,convert(forums.left_id USING "utf8mb4") AS left_id,convert(forums.forum_type USING "utf8mb4") AS forum_type,convert(forums.forum_status USING "utf8mb4") AS forum_status FROM phpbb_forums AS forums LIMIT 0, 100
    No hay foros que convertir
    No hay datos que limpiar

    Effectively column forum_topics was on table forum in phpbb version 3.0.4 but it is not anymore on phpbb version 3.2.8.
    Script to import from phpbb must have a bug or expect a different database structure for phpbb.

    Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)