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  • I don’t think that’s possible, and probably something that the makers of BBpress should change. It says under settings that: “Changes do not affect users with existing roles in both WordPress and bbPress.” I’ll have to delete my user and then recreate it. Then that role will be assigned. But I don’t think it will change any existing members. Thanks again.

    Just a quick question… What would I put to change someone into an administrator? I couldn’t find any references.

    It worked! Actually, I found out that all my wordpress users were members. I picked the right one out by their ID and changed them to keymaster and the admin link came back. I still don’t know what happened to the original keymaster but that’s ok, I don’t need it. Thank you for sticking with me and helping me out.

    Well that explains the missing people! So like in the link you sent, do I replace the usermeta capabilities for the administator which is this:


    to this:



    Thanks for the idea, I didn’t think of it that way. I just assumed that if I had accounts in WP then I didn’t need to create any in BBpress. Well, I tried that just now and something weird in the database. After registering a test member in BBpress I looked in the database and all I saw was the “non-existent” keymaster, the newly registered member wasn’t even in there. I looked in the WP user tables and the member was there but not in BBpress even though that’s where I registered them. This is a clean install, so there’s no plugins and editing the config file didn’t work either.

    Yeah, after the integration all of my members from WordPress could log in just fine into Bbpress. But the thing is that none of them can get into the admin. Only the keymaster had that access and it disappeared right after I set the cookies. I even tried setting the user roles before integrating so that my admin account would have keymaster access and it didn’t work. I’ve looked into the database and it says that the keymaster is there but when I log in it says that it’s username does not exist. Is there another way to fix this through the database?

    If there’s nothing on your forum yet, then just do a clean install. You have to rename the folder before you install it.

    Thanks timjamz, that definitely worked as I was also having the same issues. I was stuck on this issue for weeks.

    Yes you can do this, I did the same thing.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)