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    Thanks for the reply, JJJ!

    Really appreciate your time. I successfully uploaded my entire vB database into phpmyadmin on my server (dvclmn.com).

    However I input all my details and unfortunately it still gave me ‘no forums to convert…’ etc.

    To be honest I’m sure it’s just a matter of having input a small detail wrong; there’s just so many areas to make an error in!

    Perhaps I could get clarification on each field, just to eliminate these areas.

    Select Platform
    Easy, that’s vBulletin.

    Database Server
    I am now trying to import from a database on the same server as the bbpress installation. Does this mean I use a) localhost b) my dedicated IP address or c) dvclmn.com OR http://www.dvclmn.com OR http://dvclmn.com?

    Database Port
    My server uses Apache, so it’s likely this is 3306; is there a way to find out for sure?

    Database Name
    Is it important to include the server username extension here? So username_database_name? Or is just database_name fine? (in this case it is [username]_anotherc_vb).

    Database User
    I have seen the option between username@localhost OR username@dvclmn.com OR just username. Which is going to work?

    Database Password
    Got that nailed haha

    Table Prefix
    I have just been enter vb_, as all the tables in the database look like this: “vb_access” and “vb_action” etc.

    Have been keeping the Rows & Delay Time at their defaults, and selecting Convert Users (and sometimes Start Over & Purge for good measure).

    I hope this is enough information for you. It is imperative I can get this working ASAP, as I mentioned before I am happy to pay for premium support if need be. Just need this to work.



Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)