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    Funny thing is that is what I’m planning on delving into next. I’m new to bbPress but decided to try it out because I was familiar with WordPress. I don’t have any formal training in code, I’ve pretty much just learned by piecing things together and seeing if they work.

    Back to my original train of thought, I’m planning on implementing something like queries, which I think is what you mean by loop of topics. I was actually browsing around the forums looking for ways to pull related topics together not by keywords but by relation to forums. I plan on putting this within the topics template to display similar topics to members. Will definitely be looking for help on that one as I’m sure it won’t be as easy to implement as in WordPress.

    I was planning on using <?php if (in_category() ): ?>, that is what I used in WordPress to pull similar posts together. However I’m wondering if this approach is possible in bbPress because I’m not sure if there is such a thing as in_category. I guess this will be another thing to get into. Will check back after I take a much needed rest. Thanks again.

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    Heh, looks like I’m learning a few things from you. I added this $topic = get_topic(get_topic_id()); and it automatically got the topic id. Thanks for the help and lesson.

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    I’m a little confused, please bare with me :). If I put in a topic id wouldn’t that just read out the same forum name by the file under: ?

    To clarify I will be putting the code in the topic template as well as the front-page template which will show the latest discussions. Problem is if I put in a topic id wouldn’t it just read that all the topics are under one category?

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    I literally just copied the code you provided and pasted it in the front-page.php template file and topic.php template file. The front-page template shows the url however it does not display the forum name. The topic template shows the forum url and the forum name.

    This is what I put in the template files:

    <?php $topic = get_topic($topic_id);
    $forumName = forum_name($topic->forum_id);
    $forumLink = forum_link($topic->forum_id); ?>

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    forum_name works correctly in the topic template, however it doesn’t seem to work in the front-page template.

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    I guess I made it a little confusing with the category reference to WordPress.

    You’re on the right track, but what I’m looking for is detecting what forum a topic is in, this will be used by title in the front_page as well the titles in the topic_pages.


    Topic Title

    File under: Forum 1

    Making the forum link linkable would be ideal as well. Thanks.

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    Hatter thanks for the lesson, even though most of it was above my head I’m very grateful for your help. Btw your code worked like a charm.

    I feel like an a** since I’ve been littering these boards with newb questions. With that said, I was wondering if you could help me with another minor thing that I have been trying to figure out. In WordPress you can call the_category(); which indicates which category the post is in. I’ve been searching the forum and there was one person who asked the same question but didn’t get a reply can this be done?

    Sorry for hijacking my own post :(.

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    A bit surprised no one has chimed in yet, didn’t think it was that difficult to achieve.

    Anyways here is the code that I found in another thread:

    function get_post_teaser($chars = 200){
    global $bbdb;
    $topic_id_ft = get_topic_id(); //topic id for getting text of first post of the topic
    $first_post = (int) $bbdb->get_var("SELECT post_id FROM $bbdb->posts WHERE topic_id = $topic_id_ft ORDER BY post_id ASC LIMIT 1");
    $content = substr(strip_tags(strip_shortcodes(get_post_text($first_post))),0, $chars); //gets the first 200 chars of the post
    return $content;

    I figured it’s the same basis, however since I’m pretty much brain dead in regards to php I can’t for the life of me make the post_text show fully. This code strips out html code so links don’t show, how can the code be altered to allow html? I figure this code is similar to WordPress’ content_excerpt. If there is another way, I’m open to suggestions.

    Sorry for all the newbie questions, I assure you I’ve tried my best to track down my issues in the forum search before asking my questions, unfortunately due to lack of a codex and documentation I’m pretty much at a lost.

    I guess it’s better to explain what I’m trying to accomplish.

    I chose bbPress because theming it is just like WordPress. I rolled my own theme from the ground up. During the building process I realized how I wish I could add this and that, but due to the lack of documentation it’s rather hard for someone like me who has limited php know how. So it got me looking into integration.

    My original intention of using bbPress was to make it easier for members to submit content. I would have built this project on WordPress, but the WordPress backend is a bit too distracting for members. I know there are other solutions out there such as the TDO-mini-forms, but it lacks polish.

    So basically what I would like to do is use bbPress’ ease of content submission and profile pages running in conjunction with WordPress’ familiarity. Also what happens with topics and single pages, categories and forums do they combine into one? Can I restrict access to WP backend? Can I make use of all of WP plugins and will it run harmoniously with bbPress?

    So many questions not sure how to form them. But the basic gist is I want members to use the bbPress part of the integration for content submission and use WP to handle displaying of the data.

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    Well just finished an online install, and ran the plugin, works fine. The link structure to the star.gif uses forward slashes and not a combination of forward and backslashes. I guess since it works fine on my server I don’t have to worry about it. Thanks for all the help. Although it would be nice to fix on my localhost…

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    Sorry for late reply. It’s a localhost installation. I’ve yet to have it running online, I’m building a custom theme from the ground up, if you really need me to have one running online I’ll get that up.

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    Upon further inspection of the source code. I noticed that the link to the star.gif was awkward:


    To make sure that was an issue with FF, I copied it into the address bar and it returned an error. Changed the backslash to forward slashes and it worked. However now I’m stuck on how to change it, looked into the php file and it just calls the path to bb url. Checked in the bb admin section and the url is set with forward slashes, so I have no clue why it’s backward slashes.

    Great it works. Thanks for the temp fix, can’t wait till the forum feeds can do this as well.


    Here is the source:

    <?xml version=”1.0″?><!– generator=”bbPress” –>

    <rss version=”2.0″







    <b>Fatal error</b>: Call to undefined function bb_option() in <b>C:wampwwwwrdp2bbp1rss.php</b> on line <b>12</b>

    When I access wrdp2/bbp1/rss.php, I get this error:

    XML Parsing Error: no element found

    Location: http://localhost/wrdp2/bbp1/rss.php?forum=1

    Line Number 12, Column 1:

    If I try to access it omitting the .php suffix, I get a 404.

    I’m a little confused, are you asking for the url of my feed source?

    I’ve set my $bb->uri to http://localhost/wrdp2/bbp1, I’m on Firefox.

    I was testing your temp fix Livibetter, and I was running into this error:

    XML Parsing Error: no element found

    Location: http://localhost/wrdp2/bbp1/rss.php?forum=1

    Line Number 12, Column 1:

    Line 12 of rss.php reads: <link><?php bb_option( ‘uri’ ); ?></link>

    I can wait, thanks for your efforts.

    Exactly what I wanted. I was under the impression that this was already doable, I first got the idea that it could already be done from I was viewing the notes section, where it pulls all the latest topics from all the forums, the feed only shows the topics and not the comments within. Oddly enough, the individual forums themselves show the topic as well as comments within the topics.

    Granted that what I’m looking for is in the trac you provided, but I’m still wondering how 9rules managed to get the front part working to only show the topic and not the replies within, and could this not be applied within forum feeds?

    I did some digging around and found that the 9rule feed is just basically the latest discussion feed, unfortunately mine is still pulling replies within topics. I’m not interested in only being able to do that as it basically gimps what I’m trying to do, but I was curious why mine pulls replies into the feed. Thanks again.

    After all my slicing and dicing with bbPress, I’m finally coming close to completing everything, except one thing. This RSS thing is really killing me :P. I’m wracking my brain trying to explain this the best way possible.

    So here I go. Each forum has a feed, how do I only show the topics in the feed? As it stands right now, the feed is showing the replies as well, I just want topics to show.

    Sorry for sounding redundant, but I’m desperate >_< to complete. Thanks in advance.

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    Amazing work, however I haven’t tested this on a live server yet, so probable use based on speed is still up in the air. Thanks a lot for putting this together Livibetter.

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    I’m mediocre at best when it comes to php, so I’m a bit confused as to what to call, all I really know are the functions for WordPress, any code suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    I’m not sure if you meant “I don’t know that will work.” or “I know that will work.” Unfortunately for me it didn’t work. Thanks for suggesting it tho.

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