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bbRating FF issue

  • Posted this in the bbRating plugin section, but figured my issue would have more exposure if I posted here.

    I have bbPress 1.0.2 on a test server with bbRating 0.8.5.

    bb_rating() and bb_rating_dingus() work correctly on IE8 and Safari, and oddly does not work in FireFox. Firefox simply doesn’t show anything, looking at the source code it shows the same thing as IE8 and Safari, with my limited coding knowledge I’m not sure what the issue could be.

    Also bb_top_topics, which I assume lists the highest rated threads doesn’t do anything on any of the browsers.


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  • It sounds like a CSS issue. Could you post a link to a page with bbRatings installed, so we could all take a look?

    Upon further inspection of the source code. I noticed that the link to the star.gif was awkward:


    To make sure that was an issue with FF, I copied it into the address bar and it returned an error. Changed the backslash to forward slashes and it worked. However now I’m stuck on how to change it, looked into the php file and it just calls the path to bb url. Checked in the bb admin section and the url is set with forward slashes, so I have no clue why it’s backward slashes.

    It’s hard to say without seeing the page itself…



    Is this a localhost installation or is it accessible on the Internet somewhere?

    Sorry for late reply. It’s a localhost installation. I’ve yet to have it running online, I’m building a custom theme from the ground up, if you really need me to have one running online I’ll get that up.

    Well just finished an online install, and ran the plugin, works fine. The link structure to the star.gif uses forward slashes and not a combination of forward and backslashes. I guess since it works fine on my server I don’t have to worry about it. Thanks for all the help. Although it would be nice to fix on my localhost…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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