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  • Another thing is about avatars.

    If I recall correctly, the current version of bbpress only has native support for “gravatars”.

    Many people, such as me, don’t want “an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog.”

    I much prefer allowing members of my site to have an avatar that is specific to their profile on my site.

    Hopefully future versions of bbpress have native support for both gravatars and also avatars that are not gravatars.

    JJJ, thanks for all your work on the new bbpress!

    I run a wordpress site that uses a premium classifieds theme, and I have a bbpress forum integrated on the site.

    One little issue is that members of my site have both a forum profile and another profile associated with the classifieds section.

    It would be best if members of my site had only a single profile, that could be linked to from both the forum and from the classifieds section.

    And the profile could show both recent forum posts of that member, as well as recent classified ads.

    I’m not sure if this issue is best to bring up here with bbpress of maybe with the developers of the classifieds theme, or if it’s something I should try to handle myself.

    In reply to: bbPress Plugin is Born

    I’m excited to hear that bbPress as a WordPress plugin is getting spirited attention and development!

    I can also feel for all the contributors to current and past iterations of bbPress, who may have felt left in the dark, or unappreciated. Well, I appreciate you!

    I’ve got a little niche community site right now. The site has a blog, and a classifieds section, and a bbPress forum. I’ve got integrated login working, but would love to have even more integration between bbPress and WordPress (especially shared header and footer, and it would be good to have just a single “profile” associated with members of my site).

    As digging into code is not my most favorite thing, I’m hoping that bbPress-as-WP-plugin can simplify all of my WordPress projects.

    I’m aware that some people may want to keep a standalone bbPress project going, even if only the maintenance of current and former iterations of bbPress.

    And I can see that using the same name “bbPress” for both the upcoming bbPress-as-WP-plugin, and the current-and-former-standalone-bbPress-iterations that may be continually maintained, is potentially a source of confusion.

    But, I don’t think it has to be confusing.

    If a central location, such as this website, clearly presents and describes the differences between using the upcoming bbPress-as-WP-plugin and current-and-former-standalone-bbPress-iterations, then I think people will be able to decide what is best for them.

    If I understand correctly, Matt was the original coder (and I’m guessing namer) of bbPress. And it seems that he is the top caller of shots for how bbPress goes forward. As such, I don’t think he should need to rename bbPress-as-WP-plugin to anything other than bbPress, even tho so many other people have been making bbPress what it is today.

    But if he did rename it to something like pbPress (plugin-board-press), it might simplify things. How about ccPress (community-creation-press)?

    That’s my though-gasm in this moment anyway. Thanks to all of you who have gotten bbPress to where it is today, and to all of you who are moving bbPress forward, and also to all who are mindful of moving forward in a fashion that is not unduly regressive :)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)