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    There are all of the tables from my WP database:

    Table Rows Type Collation Size
    wp_commentmeta 0 MyISAM utf8mb4_unicode_ci 4 KiB
    wp_comments 1 MyISAM utf8mb4_unicode_ci 7.2 KiB
    wp_links 0 MyISAM utf8mb4_unicode_ci 1 KiB
    wp_options 147 MyISAM utf8mb4_unicode_ci 408.1 KiB 372B
    wp_postmeta 281,003 MyISAM utf8mb4_unicode_ci 22.3 MiB
    wp_posts 67,398 MyISAM utf8mb4_unicode_ci 72 MiB
    wp_termmeta 0 MyISAM utf8mb4_unicode_ci 4 KiB
    wp_terms 1,448 MyISAM utf8mb4_unicode_ci 146.7 KiB
    wp_term_relationships 2,891 MyISAM utf8mb4_unicode_ci 191.3 KiB
    wp_term_taxonomy 1,448 MyISAM utf8mb4_unicode_ci 110.5 KiB
    wp_usermeta 17 MyISAM utf8mb4_unicode_ci 11.1 KiB
    wp_users 1 MyISAM utf8mb4_unicode_ci 8.1 KiB

    One thing I noticed is that it didn’t convert the users even though I checked that box, I might re-install WP/bbpress and do this process again. I did download bbpress 2.6a and installed it via browse file and activated it when it was done and went directly to forum -> tools -> import forums to start the process. But it looks like that table you were looking for DID NOT get created during this process. If there is a missed step in here to create missing tables please let me know.

    Even though I will need to reinstall running the repair tools to see if it returns or shows any errors.



    Thank you Stephen for the assistance so far.

    I was just grabbing entries and not the last one of each type these were the final counts for each:
    Converting forums (100 – 199)
    Calculating forum hierarchy (0 – 99)
    No forum subscriptions to convert
    Converting topics (5200 – 5299)
    No anonymous topic authors to convert
    Calculating topic stickies (0 – 99)
    No super stickies to stick
    No closed topics to close
    Converting topic tags (2800 – 2899)
    No topic subscriptions to convert
    No favorites to convert
    Converting replies (56200 – 56299)
    No anonymous reply authors to convert
    No threaded replies to convert
    Conversion Complete
    Started process again with Converting forums (0 – 99)

    During that particular run the error_log didn’t have any exceptions only these two lines over and over (yes these do show in my output window on the import screen):
    [02-Jul-2016 16:39:08 UTC] PHP Warning: ini_set() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/darkone/public_html/wp/wp-content/plugins/bbpress/includes/admin/converter.php on line 319
    [02-Jul-2016 16:39:08 UTC] PHP Warning: ini_set() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/darkone/public_html/wp/wp-content/plugins/bbpress/includes/admin/converter.php on line 320

    My website is hosted with https://www.knownhost.com/managed-vps-hosting.html. Believe it is using CentOS6 x32, but I can try to get you particulars of what it is running if you let me know what you need? I am running the conversion right in the same instance just different folder off the root for my WP install.

    If you add extra debug to converter.php I can run it and send you any results if that helps? But this is a live server environment. So the website I am converting the database for is up and running and is not shutdown for this process. I was just trying to see what a test run would show me.

    Thanks for all the efforts.



    Just to describe my process in this trial run I am doing with the import of IPB 3.47 to bbpress 2.6a:

    – Install latest version of WP
    – Download and install latest version of bbpress
    – Open ‘Tool -> Forums -> Import Forums’
    – Selected ‘Invision’ and put in all my database info. I did set ‘Table Prefix’ to ‘ipb_’ since all of my tables in my ipboard setup start with ‘ibp_’
    – Row Limit and Time Delay (set to default), Convert Users is checked and nothing else is checked and I clicked ‘Start’

    Here is a listing of the sql code executed, I only listed items that there was something done, ‘no conversions’ for items are not listed:

    Code for convert Forum:
    <p class="" title="SELECT convert(forums.id USING &quot;utf8mb4&quot;) AS id,convert(forums.parent_id USING &quot;utf8mb4&quot;) AS parent_id,convert(forums.topics USING &quot;utf8mb4&quot;) AS topics,convert(forums.posts USING &quot;utf8mb4&quot;) AS posts,convert(forums.name USING &quot;utf8mb4&quot;) AS name,convert(forums.name_seo USING &quot;utf8mb4&quot;) AS name_seo,convert(forums.description USING &quot;utf8mb4&quot;) AS description,convert(forums.position USING &quot;utf8mb4&quot;) AS position FROM ipb_forums AS forums LIMIT 100, 100">Converting forums (100 - 199)</p>

    Code for Forum Heirarchy:
    <p class="" title="SELECT post_id AS value_id, meta_value FROM wp_postmeta WHERE meta_key = &quot;_bbp_old_forum_parent_id&quot; AND meta_value > 0 LIMIT 0, 100">Calculating forum hierarchy (0 - 99)</p>

    Code for Topics:
    <p class="loading" title="SELECT convert(topics.tid USING &quot;utf8mb4&quot;) AS tid,convert(topics.posts USING &quot;utf8mb4&quot;) AS posts,convert(topics.forum_id USING &quot;utf8mb4&quot;) AS forum_id,convert(topics.starter_id USING &quot;utf8mb4&quot;) AS starter_id,convert(posts.post USING &quot;utf8mb4&quot;) AS post,convert(topics.title USING &quot;utf8mb4&quot;) AS title,convert(topics.pinned USING &quot;utf8mb4&quot;) AS pinned,convert(topics.start_date USING &quot;utf8mb4&quot;) AS start_date,convert(topics.last_post USING &quot;utf8mb4&quot;) AS last_post FROM ipb_topics AS topics INNER JOIN ipb_posts AS posts ON(topics.tid = posts.topic_id) WHERE posts.new_topic = 1 LIMIT 1100, 100">Converting topics (1100 - 1199)</p>

    Code for Topic Stickies:
    <p class="" title="SELECT post_id AS value_id, meta_value FROM wp_postmeta WHERE meta_key = &quot;_bbp_old_sticky_status_id&quot; AND meta_value = &quot;sticky&quot; LIMIT 0, 100">Calculating topic stickies (0 - 99)</p>

    Code for Topic Tags:
    <p class="" title="SELECT convert(core_tags.tag_meta_id USING &quot;utf8mb4&quot;) AS tag_meta_id,convert(core_tags.tag_text USING &quot;utf8mb4&quot;) AS tag_text FROM ipb_core_tags AS core_tags LIMIT 1800, 100">Converting topic tags (1800 - 1899)</p>

    Code for Replies:
    <p class="" title="SELECT convert(posts.pid USING &quot;utf8mb4&quot;) AS pid,convert(posts.topic_id USING &quot;utf8mb4&quot;) AS topic_id,convert(posts.ip_address USING &quot;utf8mb4&quot;) AS ip_address,convert(posts.author_id USING &quot;utf8mb4&quot;) AS author_id,convert(posts.post USING &quot;utf8mb4&quot;) AS post,convert(posts.post_date USING &quot;utf8mb4&quot;) AS post_date,convert(posts.edit_time USING &quot;utf8mb4&quot;) AS edit_time FROM ipb_posts AS posts LIMIT 400, 100">Converting replies (400 - 499)</p>

    Conversion Complete
    Warning: ini_set() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/darkone/public_html/wp/wp-content/plugins/bbpress/includes/admin/converter.php on line 319

    <Script started over again with ‘Converting Fourms’



    Sorry didn’t have the auto notify enabled.

    There was a link to my site in the original post to the forums page where you can see the avatar icon is not next to the author name.

    Link: http://www.forgingfriendships.com/community/



    How would we expand on this code to allow different forum roles to have different posting and topic limits?

    Member = Can’t create topics, but can post replies 5x
    Bronze = Can create up to 25 topics, and can post 250 replies
    Silver = Can create 100 topics, and can post 1000 replies
    Gold = Can create unlimited topics and unlimited replies

    I wanted to create some new forum roles and was wondering if this sort of thing is possible? If so can someone assist or point to some functions that I would need to use to help accomplish this. Because this code example looks good I would just need to alter it with maybe some IF logic to look at the users role first and then limit them to topic and post counts.

    Any thoughts?

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