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  • This solved it, thanks a lot!

    I created the ./forum page, plus a subpage ./forum/bb-admin in wordpress, for some reason admin did not work immediately. After taking a snapshot of the VM the bb admin function works now, strange. I assume some caching issue.

    Thanks for the great product, I can already say this is the forum I have been looking for!

    you mean a redirect page? from ./forum/… to ./bp/…. ? looks as if this would require a WP plugin

    Sorry, perhaps its trivial but I do not see it yet!

    Thank you! Install worked now, but there is still a directory problem (I did some browsing in this forum but did not find a specific answer)

    I have WP and BB installed in separate directories (WP and BP) under htdocs.

    The WordPress blog address is ctubeslabs.com

    At bb install I chose ctubeslabs.com/forum as the forums address

    Now, when I go to ctubeslabs.com/forum WP handles it and responds with ‘not found’.

    At http://ctubeslabs.com/bp/ I get the (unstyled) forum homepage without content.

    When I manually type in ctubeslabs.com/bp/bb-admin it redirects to ctubeslabs.com/forum

    So missing a clear concept how it should work I am a bit stuck again. For example what is the intended mechanism to make WP ignore the bb url and let bb handle it?

    Thanks again for any help!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)