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  • I integrated 2.8 & 1.0.1 and it seems to be working beautifully.

    I created a walk through for myself (based off of the screencast), you can see it here. I thought I would post it here for anybody else that might want a set of typed instructions. Maybe this topic should be sticky or put a similar set of instructions on the documentation page?

    1. Install WP 2.8 on domain, in this case (I’m going to skip the WP install. I know how to do this.)

    * database: exampledb

    2. Open wp-config.php in a text editor.

    3. Go to and copy the provided keys (the entire text).

    4. Paste the copied keys into wp-config.php above the text “/* Stop editing */.”

    5. Save wp-config.php to web host.

    6. Install bbPress files into a subdirectory. In this case (I’m going to skip the bbPress install. I know how to do this.)

    7. Fill in step 1 of bbPress setup.

    * database: exampledb (use same database as WP install.)

    8. Step 2 of the bbPress install.

    9. Check “Add integration settings.”

    10. Check “Add cookie integration settings.”

    11. Open wp-config.php again and copy and paste “AUTH_KEY” , “SECURE_AUTH_KEY” and “LOGGED_IN_KEY” (just the long string of letter, numbers and symbols in between the quotes) into the appropriate fields in the bbPress Step 2 page.

    12. Go to (there should be a link in the ? section of the salt fields)

    13. Find the appropriate salts and copy and paste them into the appropriate fields in the bbPress Step 2 page.

    * If there is no secure_auth_salt leave it blank.

    14. Check “Add user database integration settings.”

    15. Look in wp-config.php again and copy the “table_prefix” into the appropriate field on the integration page. (in my case it was not just wp_ , it was wp_xxxxxx_ (the x being other numbers and letters.).)

    16. Click the save button and you should see “Your WordPress integration cookie and database settings have been successfully validated. etc…”

    17. Click the Step 3 button.

    18. Fill in the Site name: Example Forum.

    19. Check the URL (should be

    20. Select a Key Master (if integration was successful the WP admin should show up here and can be selected).

    21. Fill “First forum name” (First Forum).

    22. Click “Save.”

    23. Click “Complete Installation.”

    24. Go to the brand new forum.

    25. I was already logged in to WP so when I went to bbPress, again I was already logged in.

    26. Click on “Admin”

    * It shouldn’t work.

    27. Click “Log Out.”

    28. Log back in to bbPress as the admin.

    29. Click on “Admin.”

    30. You should be able to enter the Admin page of bbPress now.

    31. Go to “Settings” / “WordPress Integration.”

    32. Setup the “User Role Map”.

    * WP Admin: Keymaster

    * WP Editor: Moderator

    * Everybody else is a member.

    33. Click Save.

    34. Go to the WP install (

    35. Install bbPress Integration (WP Plugin): 1.0

    36. Activate the integration plugin.

    37. Go to “Settings” / “bbPress Integration.”

    38. Check the “bbPress URL.”

    39. Leave “plugins URL” alone.

    40. Check WordPress type.

    41. Click Save.

    42. Scroll down to “Manual Cookie Settings” and copy the code in the grey box.

    43. Open wp-config.php and paste the copied code above the text “/* Stop editing */.”

    44. Save wp-config.php to the web host.

    45. Voila everything should be set up!

    46. log in and log out of WP and bbPress and move back and forth between the two to make sure that the integration is working.

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