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  • Hi,

    1st of all, thanks for this screen-cast.

    I have followed your screen-cast and succeeded with integrating WP 2.7.1 and BB 1.0 alpha 6 in different directories.

    http://mydom.com/wp/ (WordPress)

    http://mydom.com/board/ (bbPress)

    My issue is that logging in and out is working fine as long as WP handles log-in and out! And not the other way when logging out from BB.

    Issue 1:

    When I log-in to my WP and go to BB log-in works fine, also the other way from BB to WP.

    But if I log out fron BB and go back to WP – I’m logged out but the META link is not updated and WP thinks I’m still logged in (which I’m not!)

    How can I make the log-out work through BB aswell.

    Issue 2:

    Registering through BB gives me no role inside WP!

    I have bbPress integration plug-in (wp) installed and everything else is working fine! Roles are made inside BB-WP integration just like in the screen-cast.

    Can someone please help!


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)