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    I test updated bbPress 2.2 (it does NOT say that it is 2.2.1) on my MAMP server, and it is now missing several of the Settings from 2.1.3 that I actually used.

    “Theme Packages – Current Package” is gone, which I set to Twenty Ten (bbPress) on my sites, although then I use the ‘bbPress (Twenty Eleven)’ child theme from ServerPress.com as my active theme – which may negate any effect of this setting.

    I don’t see the “Per RSS Page” settings any more, and I have “Akismet – Use Akismet” selected on the production site in 2.1.3; now those are gone in 2.2.

    I did not see anything in the Changelog for 2.2 that led me to expect these changes.

    I also have ‘Search bbPress 2.0’ ver 1.0 from ServerPress.com installed; I wonder if that will still work in 2.2.x???

    After a bad week following an update from Wordfence 3.3.7 to 3.4.1 (just fixed in 3.4.4), I am in no hurry to update another major plugin on my site prematurely.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)