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    bbpress has ever opportunity “as long as no forces push bbpress in a different direction” to flourish and continue to be successful as any other opensource project does. The lack of contributions is a direct reflection of issues that need to be resolved within the community but are in no way unresolvable. Making bbpress a plugin goes against the goals of bbpress and most definitely isnt keeping the USER first, unless they change that to read “keeping the WordPress User first”. Making bbpress a WordPress plugin limits bbpress in so many ways, while other projects are focusing in on simplicity, extendability and yes integration even with wordpress but also with other platforms.

    on a side note, this sorta makes you want to ask yourself, will every project that automattic picks up be transformed into a worpdress plugin?

    In reply to: bbxf in core?

    I think bbxf is a great idea as a bundled plugin and should be revisited

    “My concern is that by making bbPress a plugin of WordPress, it’s DRASTICALLY moves bbPress away from the original goals because we already know that 1) bbPress would be *more* code, 2) much more complicated, 3) definitely slower given you have to load now WordPress and 4) fundamentally, this is not putting the user first.

    Just my 2 cents … also, thanks in advance for answering my questions above “

    I agree, making bbpress a plugin to WP is not in the best interest of bbpress. If this happens, our existence and success would be contingent on wordpress. The moment bbpress becomes a wp plugin, we are no longer a forum solution but rather a wordpress forum solution and we limit ourselves to just that.


    thanks, you have a great weekend also. hopefully you can attend next time :)

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    and we can compare times


    Thanks for your opinion, though i disagree. They only thing we are rushing “in this circumstance” is community discussion. And i wouldn’t call it rushing, there is more than 24 hours notice, with prior notifications and messages sent to users that showed interest. But in the future I will post in advance. Will you be attending?


    World time conversion

    Does this help any?

    might i add, that the wordpress community would be extremely interested in bbpress integration, but we as the bbpress community should be weary of developing integration for one specific platform which will limit our abilities and success.

    we should be focused on “as far as integration is concerned” single sign on, conversion tools to convert from other forum solutions, multiple authentication methods/ integration paths … for multiple platforms like

    joomla, drupal, etc etc

    granted there are more important things at hand to focus on so that list isnt in any way in any form of order.

    1. Single Signon

    2. Single Theme

    3. Admin panel they recognize

    single signon im fine with, but integration doesnt mean just with wordpress and it doesnt mean make bbpress a plugin

    the bbpress community doesnt strive to be wordpress, we strive to create and use bbpress

    making bbpress a wordpress plugin limits our success to wordpress

    If a user of wordpress wants their wordpress theme to match bbpress, than that is up to the user to make that happen. If wordpress wants this to happen, then they can require that theme mods/devs include a bbpress theme so cross integration can occur, or there can be a wordpress bbpress theme converter that happens in the backend so installation can still be smooth with nothing hard to due but click install. But you should be asking yourself if its the goal of bbpress to look like and function like wordpress. If you look at any online software, usually the most asked for features are single sign on, bridges, and authentication integration “as far as forums go”

    when bbpress is made a wordpress plugin, we are no longer a forum solution but a wordpress forum solution, and the development and success of bbpress would be contingent on wordpress.

    “There are already so many standalone forums out there for non wp users, so it just makes sense to go this route.”

    integration is key, making bbpress a plugin doesnt make sense for bbpress.. it makes sense for wordpress. The moment bbpress becomes a wordpress plugin, we are no longer a forum solution but a wordpress forum solution and we limit ourselves to that.

    “When you go down this road you eventually get to the point of Drupal – amazingly vague and configurable database, slow because it’s got to be all-things-to-all-people and … well … yeah. I would rather not see either WordPress or bbPress end up there.”

    i agree 100 % .. if i may give a few points of interest

    the future of bbpress shouldn’t be contingent on wordpress

    Im all for integration, but integration doesn’t have to be just for wordpress and integration doesn’t mean plugin

    If bbpress is made a plugin to WP, then that will bring stipulations of future development which isnt good for the community

    The bbpress community doesn’t strive to be wordpress, we strive to create and use bbpress.

    solution, integration can still occur, by having a wordpress plugin for a “bbpress install” which will help to install bbpress alongside and integrate certain things “these are yet to be agreed apon”

    integration with other platforms are just as important, bbpress should not be focusing in on one platform “wordpress” but instead be focusing on integration for multiple platforms “joomla, droopla, openid support, changing database authentication methods, etc etc.”

    Making bbpress a wordpress plugin makes our success directly tied to wordpress and will cause conflict with development with wordpress integration taking precedence.. which is great for wordpress, horrible for bbpress.

    also, IMO a plugin that uses plugins “bbpress as a plugin for wordpress that also uses plugins” seems weird to me.

    thanks for your reply kevin, the reasons of why bbpress should be a plugin was briefly discussed above in the topic, having bbpress contingent on wordpress belittles bbpress and strangles its ability to develope as an open source project.

    1. As already addressed, the majority of people talking about integration, plugin, wordrpess .. if we took a long hard look arnt talking about it because they want bbpress to be a plugin, they just want some form of integration and use those terms interchangeably… very lossly might i add.

    2. We are still an opensource project and the community matters. its up to the PM’s to get the community as a whole involved with submitting tickets, testing beta versions and getting interests in programing “recruiting”

    3. its obvious people dont like the bbpress as a plugin idea, and when the team no matter who it is decides in disregard of the community it will show in the contributions.. case and point. The bbpress project doesn’t technically need funding from automattic “it would be nice though” .. because an opensource project like this should be able to develop a business plan and project plan and flourish as all other opensource projects do.

    4. You’ve addressed why in your opinion we can change anything and our “votes” dont count. Congratulations… but you forgot to give your opinion and viewpoint on the topic at question.

    oh yeah… there are programmers that can contribute to the project hiding amongst us

    independent vote, in case it wasn’t apparent.

    take the bbpress forums, throw the WP header, footer, theme, functions on it… why dont we just apply to have bbpress included in WP core and forget this ever existed.

    Maybe a conversion tool to convert Wp themes to use on bbpress, all processed on the backend of course.

    also, should bbpress look like wordpress? Is that what our project is striving for?

    i think, and im pretty sure Matt has stated himself that hes extremely busy and doesnt have the time to devote to bbpress that is needed. I know one things for sure, if a PM occurs they need to be bbpress project centric without major ties or interests in other projects.

    thank you for your reply grassrootspa, this thread is our first step in a proactive attempt to get bbpress back on track. Please all other members, especially anyone involved with development respond with your questions, concerns and suggestions for a total group consensus.

    any my reply, wanted to keep them separate ..

    calling bbpress a plugin is insulting, why cant we call WordPress a plugin for bbpress? you get my point

    developing bbpress as a “plugin” will not only choke its potential, but be another asset for the “WordPress installer of everything” and nothing grand for bbpress independently.

    ****Solution and proposal, integration is key, and there can be a “bbpress installer plugin” for WP, that helps install bbpress and integrate leaving bbpress as an independent project IE not a plugin dependent or subject to WP.

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