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bbpress, a plugin or independent software with integration?

  • I wanted to hold a deep discussion regarding the future of bbpress being developed as a “plugin” or independent with the capabilities of integration.

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  • any my reply, wanted to keep them separate ..

    calling bbpress a plugin is insulting, why cant we call WordPress a plugin for bbpress? you get my point

    developing bbpress as a “plugin” will not only choke its potential, but be another asset for the “WordPress installer of everything” and nothing grand for bbpress independently.

    ****Solution and proposal, integration is key, and there can be a “bbpress installer plugin” for WP, that helps install bbpress and integrate leaving bbpress as an independent project IE not a plugin dependent or subject to WP.



    I totally agree with you but the decision has already been made by the powers that be.

    No one is more disappointed by this decision than I, but there is probably nothing we can do to change it…

    thank you for your reply grassrootspa, this thread is our first step in a proactive attempt to get bbpress back on track. Please all other members, especially anyone involved with development respond with your questions, concerns and suggestions for a total group consensus.



    Well you have my ‘vote’ for keeping it independent but the plugin thing is probably a done deal…

    independent vote, in case it wasn’t apparent.



    I don’t think bbPress will be a WordPress plugin any time soon. 1.1 was to have a couple new features (subscribe to topic by email, anonymous posting) and the rest bug fixes. After that, and I think after WordPress 3.0 (with the merge of WPMU and also fleshed out custom post types) there would be some more thought, if not effort, put into bbPress as a WordPress plugin.



    I’m a big fan of people speaking their mind, I probably do it too often, but if we’re being honest, threads like these aren’t going to change anything. Even if you got 90% of the people that are on these boards to all come out and say that they agree with you, nothing will change.

    Can we talk openly about this? It means sharing some hard truths…

    1) There are roughly (roughly), 25 -30 different people that post on these forums every week. I’m sure you’ve noticed its the same folks for the most part over and over. Each of these people (you and I) represent a tiny tiny portion of the BBpress users. Its not that your opinions aren’t valued, it’s just that unless you come up with objective reasons behind your arguments then you’ll never see any changes you want.

    2) You’re not programmers. Harsh, i know. But you’re on a support forum saying that you’re unhappy about proposed changes to free software that you don’t contribute to.

    3) When did private companies start listening to people taking “votes” on their support forums. Oh, that’s right, never.

    4) I’m going to make an assumption here (apologies if wrong), but you’re not project managers or BA’s either. Making BBpress a WordPress plugin (while not something i am happy with at all), makes sense from [the company that owns bbpress] stand point.

    5) Matt, et all, are human and just trying to do their best. If you think they’ve overlooked a point then tell them. But it has to be a point that will make sense to a company like [the one that owns bbpress], and that rarely involves the phrase “i want” or “my vote”.

    Look folks,

    BBpress as a WordPress plugin is not going to come around any time soon. In honesty, it’s not going to be this year. if you don’t want a forum software that is focussed on integration with WordPress that’s cool, that’s a personal preference, but have a look on the tag list on the home page, and see what stands out.

    WordPress integration is the single most talked about issue on the BBpress support forums because it’s the reason that a large percentage of people came to BBpress for.

    We all have a different Wish List of features for this lovely piece of software, but that doesn’t mean that if BBpress doesn’t go our own personal way that it it’s “bbpress back on track”. if we’re honest, BBpress hasn’t been “on track” by it’s own standards for well over a year, but if you’re not contributing code or testing time, then frankly, your opinion is never really going to count for anything unless you back your points up with really really good objective reasons.

    thanks for your reply kevin, the reasons of why bbpress should be a plugin was briefly discussed above in the topic, having bbpress contingent on wordpress belittles bbpress and strangles its ability to develope as an open source project.

    1. As already addressed, the majority of people talking about integration, plugin, wordrpess .. if we took a long hard look arnt talking about it because they want bbpress to be a plugin, they just want some form of integration and use those terms interchangeably… very lossly might i add.

    2. We are still an opensource project and the community matters. its up to the PM’s to get the community as a whole involved with submitting tickets, testing beta versions and getting interests in programing “recruiting”

    3. its obvious people dont like the bbpress as a plugin idea, and when the team no matter who it is decides in disregard of the community it will show in the contributions.. case and point. The bbpress project doesn’t technically need funding from automattic “it would be nice though” .. because an opensource project like this should be able to develop a business plan and project plan and flourish as all other opensource projects do.

    4. You’ve addressed why in your opinion we can change anything and our “votes” dont count. Congratulations… but you forgot to give your opinion and viewpoint on the topic at question.

    oh yeah… there are programmers that can contribute to the project hiding amongst us



    EDIT: * threshold hit – going for ice cream *



    We don’t do beta testing at BBpress.

    Who said? We had alphas and betas for 1.0.

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