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  • Oh great! Thx, it’s just what I needed.

    I have a question related to this.

    If I can use a RSS feed on my WP Home Page, is there maybe a “Latest Discussions” feed from my bbPress forum that I could use?


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    Actually I made a mistake, it’s not the good path.

    Anyway, it’s only a local problem. So I just replace the php function with the exact local URL (http://localhost/…/style.css) in the header.php file.

    Alright, I’ll check it out, although permalinks for the forum aren’t as necessary as for the site.

    But thx for the tip.


    I have the same problem as you. I tried the different solutions. Adding the code generated by rewrite-rules.php gives me a 500 Internal Error.

    I guess I’ll pass on having permalinks.


    Hi guys

    Great idea you have here. If you have any info about the development of such plugin, please warn us.


    Oh God I’m sooo stupid… I have 2 versions of WP on my PC, and thus 2 databases. Of course, I managed to install bbpress on the database of WP I wasn’t working with.

    Had sooo many issues… Hope noone did the same idiot mistake. If someone did, then read this post.

    If you could tell which post helped you, it could help me too.

    I’m having login WP/BB problems.

    Lool, I had the exact same problem, and you’re right: searching IS helpful!

    Hahaha, it’s amazing how I fixed 4 or 5 issues in 4 or 5 minutes thx to searching this forum! I must say that it’s very well referenced and documented. Great job guys!

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    I’m having the same exact problem, with the same configuration: Win Xp with SP2 + Xampp.

    Installation went fine, WP users (with the locally installed WP) are recognized, even the french translation file works.

    The path to my stylesheet seems fine, I checked the source. But it won’t work.

    I didn’t get how to fix it. I saw the PHP code but it doesn’t tell WHERE to put it. If anyone could tell, that would be great.


    EDIT: I’ve tried to figure it out by myself but it didn’t work out.

    I added the function in the “functions.php” file, and the add_filter in the “default-filters.php” file, both files being in the “bb-includes” folder.

    What did I do wrong?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)