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  • @zaerl

    another email sent.


    I’ve sent you an email to za (at) zaerl dot com.

    Please reply, thanks

    @ zaerl… i think you did not read his post completely …

    please read it again and see what he said

    Note: I’ve tried various things but nothing happened even i tried




    but they are not useful ..

    In reply to: Plugins You Want !!!

    Thank you all,

    Its nice to listen that lot of friends need lot of plugins. But I’ve not lot of money to develop these plugins, developers need money to work on. From my budget I’m starting to develop 5 plugins from my developers. Which I’ve decided after lot of thinking.

    I need your comments…. so that should I start work on these plugins?

    No. 1 :- Social Connect

    With this plugin; users can register to your forums via their some social networking accounts like Facebook, OpenID, Twitter, Myspace etc. My developers says its not possible to fetch email id of a user who will register from fb or like other social networking sites, but it will be possible to show the link of a register user in his profile. where we can trace a user that from where he/she came.

    No. 2 :- Better Moderation Suite ( Remake)

    There are some issues with this old plugin. we will fix it soon and add more fields in it. second we will add two more section in this plugin. these are about moderators

    a) simple moderator,

    if anyone is running one board ( one bbpress ) then he/she can assign a user as simple moderator for his/her work.

    b) Super Moderator,

    if any one is running more then one bbpress installation suppose ( one bbpress about hockey discussion ) ( one bbpress about football discussion ) ( one bbpress about dance discussion ) ( one bbpress about other discussion )

    then super moderator can handle these 4 fourms ( 4 integrated bbpress ) from one panel.

    its means . a simple moderator can handle just ( one bbpress about hockey discussion )

    and super moderator can handle other 4 or more forums discussion.

    there are more functions will be add in this plugin which i don’t want to disclose right now :). Because I need your thoughts that what should add more functionality in this plugin.

    No. 3 :- BBMI ( BBpress Multiple Integration)

    Integration of One wordpress with multple bbpress

    Read again my second plugin. Then you’ll understand the requirement of this plugin called BBMI.

    Its not possible right now to create multiple forums like Worpdress MU, but if someone want more then one forums ( bbpress installation ) for more topics then its not possible to integration these multiple forums with one WordPress and each other.

    Because if you’ll successful in integrate more forums ( shared user table, and user meta plus shared database… which not a big deal) then you’ll definitely fail in the integrate of cookies.

    “Because now integration is possible just for one bbpress and one wordpress”

    Not for multiple bbpress with one wordpress. ( Think about it, isn’t cool? )

    Note: some settings and plugin will involve to run this idea. and i also need your ideas.

    No. 4 :- Link Protection

    About this plugins, if register user paste a link to your forums via (post or topic). Then the guest cannot view this link till after the completion of his/her registration to your forums.

    No. 5 :- BBpress Statistics

    If you’ll see the _ck_ plugin

    its all about bbpress statistics it not tells about tracking report about users online, where they came from, what keywords they use to find your website, what referral sites they use, first visit, last visit, traffic detail, monthly weekly report, duration of user’s stay on ur site blah blah blah, but my plugin will be a comprehensive plugin for your site to track traffic reports.

    these are five plugins. now i’m starting work on them. All will go from my own pocket which is a really big amount, but if someone is interested to make a donation to me and wanna support me ( if he like my idea and plugins ) then I’ll post my contact detail in my next post.

    After that I want to make more plugins if I’ll get your support and positive feedback.

    See you again, same place, same post but soon some other time :)

    Stay Connect………………



    any help?

    chrishajer just tell me the what can i do? plz do not give me other links for study… I’m not a teche person.. so plz tell me what can i do?

    kevinjohngallagher then how can i solve this issue….. you did not tell me the solution :(

    chrishajer try again this links

    I’ve also this problem with my own forums.. plz give us solution

    script not working….. Michael are you sure you tell me right thing……………………………….think about it

    Good Michael…..

    I’ll tell u abt it… after using ur scipt

    stay connect :-)

    Michael Finally i got it….. :-)

    I use the following code… and listen …. wow its works

    <iframe src =”contact.php” width=”500″ height=”700″>


    I Just want to confirm…..should i continue to use this script or quit…. is this good or bad for me……..Thx



    @ matveb

    dear i want to show newly add user then what should i do? I’ve called this query <?php newest_users(); ?>

    but its not works…plz help




    Thanks both are working……….

    <?php echo get_total_users(); ?>


    <?php total_users(); ?>

    but i don’t know why i should not use echo…. is it bad for me?

    tell me about pros and cons of echo… thanks :-)



    @ matveb

    I got it ……..Thanks dear… you code is simple and smart :-)



    Its not working……………. topix and posts are displaying but not users……….. i want to clear that i’ve integrated my bbpress and wordpress…that’s why the users table of both software s are same in one database i.e. wp_users

    also i want to mention here……..I’ve set the table prefix of bbpress bb_ into uk_ because of multiple bbpress installations.

    so that’s my detail…and i’m going curious to listen abt new script from your side. :-)



    No Michael……. Its not working :-(

    I think you’ve installed mini_stats plugin……………….right?

    so show me complete footer file or tell me the plugin which you’ve used along this script….thanx



    Finally i got it…..Thanks a lot…. Michael You are really a Gooooooooooooood Person :-)



    and also tell me where i put this .htaccess file because i’ve integrated my wordpress and bbpress

    so where should i put this file… wordpress root or bbpress root?



    please send me complete code… i can’t understand it…

    of if you can send me .htaccess file then i’ll be happy

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