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    I can’t seem to get my forum to show up! It is located here. How do you display the forum?


    I currently have several sites running standalone bbpress.org with deep integration. How would I convert over when this new plugin is developed?

    I would echo ricardouk views that It would make sense to just display the forum on a wordpress page to avoid the hassle of fiddling with different themes.

    What is likely to be in the core? I would like to have plugins in the core or optionally built in and maintained as core plugins specifically these ones.

    Adsense for BBPress

    Ajaxed Quotes


    Allow Images


    BBCode Buttons



    Terms of Service

    I would think all of them should be in the core except maybe Adsense for BBPress

    I am not a computer guy but if you want a dummy tester I would fit the bill

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)