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  • Never mind – I got it, thanks to an old post from two years ago.

    The code has changed a bit, so here’s how I fixed it:

    1) open up /bb-includes/

    2) replace line 1074 with:

    return stripslashes(apply_filters( ‘get_topic_title’, $topic->topic_title, $id ));

    3) and line 1782:

    return stripslashes(apply_filters( ‘get_post_text’, $bb_post->post_text, $bb_post->post_id ));

    That did the trick for me.

    I’m having this exact problem.

    Fresh install of 1.0.2, integrated with WordPress (finally!), and even though I deactivated all plugins and tested it again, and it’s still doing it.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks so much for your help; this is awesome.

    Now when I activate it, I get a sweet drop-down menu up in the post tag area to choose from my ten tags, and if I try to add a miscellaneous tag down below, it doesn’t take it. That’s awesome.

    Thanks, Kawauso!

    Bummer, I can’t get it to work. Is the “$allowed_tags” line supposed to be in there twice?

    Also, I’m using 1.0.2 – is this an 0.9-only fix, or ?

    Thanks for your help.

    Okay, I found the “max time” thing (in MAMP -› conf -› php5 -› php.ini ), and set it much higher… and now, instead of the page going blank, I get:

    SQL ERROR [ mysqli ]

    Duplicate entry ‘5’ for key 1 [1062]

    But I have no idea what that means. What do I change?

    A little clarification: it seems like the converter is working, because when I go to the forum index, I see a whole ton of posts. But when I try to click into a topic, there are no posts in it.

    When I run the converter, it goes through a few steps, but on the screen where it’s processing posts, it ends with a blank screen. No “success” message. Is that normal, or is it getting hung up somewhere?

    (I’ve seen error messages, and I rectified those, so I recognize that difference, at least.)

    Wow, I’ve been at this for like 12 hours straight now…

    The conversion of phpBB3 › bbPress seems to work, but it leaves me with no users in the bb_users tables. Is that normal?

    Problem is, I have no idea what to do about it. I’ve tried importing into 0.9, and while it looked like it worked, I can’t get admin access, since it didn’t make me a user. I also tried importing into 1.0, but that looks even worse – on the forum index page, it doesn’t even show author’s names for the posts.

    Either way, I can’t get Admin access to the forum, which makes the rest of anything (integrating, upgrading, etc.) impossible.


    You, sir, are awesome.

    As soon as I can test this out, I will. One question: for the plugin, should I add a ?> to the end of the chunk of code you’ve put there?

    bump? any ideas?

    Cool; phpMyAdmin I can do. :)

    So, I could probably upload that file into the same database as the WordPress install, right, since the prefixes are different? That would help integration immensely, if I’m not mistaken… and then configure bbPress to use WordPress’ user tables (which has been described before in many places)?

    What happens then w/ the old bbPress users? Not that I actually care, much, if we’re using WordPress’ user tables… I guess I just don’t know what happens for the posts made by defunct users. Any advice there?

    (and thanks again, everybody… this is supremely helpful.)

    Great – so how do I do it?

    @gerikg – how do we import bbPress database info into an existing database? (I’m no database pro; I can find my way around phpmyadmin, though.) I’m totally familiar with the WordPress side of things, but not so much w/ bbPress.

    @johnhiler – yeah, that might be okay… at this point, I think the client would be thrilled if I can pull off the phpBB › bbPress conversion and have a single login between WordPress and bbPress. If the existing forum info ends up being “archived”, so to speak – not associated with their current usernames – I think they’d be okay with that.

    How much overlap between your userbase is there… how many of the 115 WordPress users also have phpBB accounts?

    All of them (except maybe one admin account). There won’t be anyone in WordPress who isn’t in bbPress.

    The only ones with separate accounts might be the three admins, and they’d need to be the same across WP & bbP.

    There are ~115 in WordPress, and even though there are ~400 in the old phpBB forum we’re about to bring over, we really only care about the current 115 (the ones in WP).

    Thanks @johnhiler – definitely fills in the puzzle a little.

    A couple questions:

    • Any thoughts about using more recent builds than 2.7.1 & 0.9?
    • One difference I’m seeing with my situation is that it’s WP’s users we need to bring into bbPress, not the other way around. The WP setup is a membership site, handled with the Wishlist Member plugin, so they’ll be logging in there first.

    Ugh… I’m realizing I’ve got a bucket full of ugliness here… from the fact that there are going to be bbPress users (old, inactive ones) who aren’t in WP, trying to match up the WP users with the bbPress users, and the whole “logged into WP/logged out of bbPress” issue, since it looks like I may not be able to have shared cookies since I’m working with new versions of both software packages…

    … this may be more than is possible right now. I’ll keep trying to figure it out, though. Thanks for your help, everyone.

    Thanks, Kawauso… so, any guidelines/instructions about getting bbPress to use the WordPress user tables on a post-install integration? And am I right in assuming that the issues stem from having two databases (since you’ve got existing forum data, you can’t merge the two, right?) ? Sorry if these are newb questions.

    Do you know if the ideas on this post would do it? — The reason I ask is because it seems like there’s a lot of info circulating about how it worked, or might work, under earlier versions of WP & bbP… but it often changes. Now that we’re up to 2.8.4 and 1.0.2, is it any different, or more viable? Is it as easy as pointing bbP at WP’s user tables, in addition to the “normal” integration steps? (I’m hoping to save myself a few hours of reading, that’s all… )

    Now, of course, the Big Question is: is it possible to take this newly-converted bbPress forum and get it to integrate nicely w/ a WordPress install? From the poking around that I’ve done, it seems that people have only had success integrating a brand-new bbPress install, not one with data/history in it.

    I’d love to be proven wrong, though… any ideas?

    Whoops, my bad – I missed it. The link in the first post still works – reposting it here just in case. (You should still read that first post, though, for the directions…)

    There was a post on page 2 that said the script was no longer downloadable… does anyone know how to get a hold of it now? (I tried all the links in this thread, but none of them worked.)

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