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  • honnestly, i think at this time, there are not many people using wpmu+buddy+bb !

    And most of them (as i read on several forums) encounters basic difficulties to simply translate the pot file of one or the other…

    I translated each of them as a first step

    Integrated them as second step

    In third step, WPMU translation is ok and works 100%

    buddypress is ok – 100%, too

    but bbpress, hum, 30%

    I expected such an answer, Ipstenu !

    I already use the french translation, and as i said, it is not working correctly, not working at all. :-)

    And i use it because i’m the author of the file you mentionned me.

    The admin panel of bb is in french, the public side absolutely not. On the buddy forum, this appears to be a bbpress question, and here it is a buddy question.


    As end user, I only know that something is not working well between forum and buddy.

    Show here by yourselve: http://buddypress-fr.net/bpdemo/forum/

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)