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User registration on multisite

  • cobraeyes



    I have a problem.

    We’re running a multisite install and we want to run bbPress on one site.

    Everything is in working order except user signup then visitors are redirected to wp-signup.php on root site.

    I’d like them to always stay on the present site and that when they sign up they’re assigned the role Forum Participant.

    Is this possible?

    Using Canvas theme from Woothemes. Copied files from the twentyten bbPress theme that comes with install.

    Best regards,


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  • jeffacubed


    @cobraeyes – I’ve wondered about this exact same bbPress multisite user-registration issue (re-directing to wp-signup.php on the root site regardless of which site the user is registering on…)

    Did you ever find a reasonable solution/resolution?




    I’m having the same problem here. When user enters nickname and email address to register, they get redirected to the “default_site_domain/wp-signup.php“, where they have to re-enter everything. It’s very confusing for users wanting to participate on forums to say the least.

    This situation also creates a problem for when a site with forum uses different language than the default site, as mentioned here.

    Can one of the bbPress developers please give us some pointers, or at least tell us that this is not a common problem and we’ll have to figure out why this is happening on our own? We love bbPress and we’re hoping now to get some love back. :)

    @jeffacubed Have you made any progress with this matter? I’m still researching…

    Oh, and I’m running WordPress 3.9 Multisite, bbPress 2.5.3.

    Stephen Edgar


    I’ll try to take a look at this this week, there are a couple of ‘gotchas’ when running bbPress in WordPress Multisite. I’ll try to document said findings on the codex and create/update any tickets on Trac.



    Thx for taking a closer look Stephen! ( @netweb ) – this is seemingly simple – though not simple in seamless execution in a multi-site setup. I’m fairly sure the best way to handle this auto re-direction to the root when registering from WPMS sub-sites is to create a unique wp-signup.php file for any sub-site where one DOES NOT want the re-direction to the root site on registration. I started to test Chris Wiegman’s (& others) method:

    Which would work – though I didn’t got deep enough (yet) to get the re-direction(s) to the root to stop-happening.

    My ‘temporary’ sol’n @hamsterdj involves two plugins:

    1. Login with Ajax

    2. WP-Members

    While my ‘temporary’ sol’n 100% works (for now) – I’m going to dig-in & try my hand at the custom wp-signup.php sol’n for each sub-site registration as I’m more in favour of soln’s of this nature that do not 100% rely on plugins!


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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