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SMF Import to bbPress

  • Introduce Forum Importer template for use with importing from SMF v2.0.x(Tested on v2.0.4) & ​​

    Working: Forums, Topics, Replies, Users & User Passwords
    Partial: Custom BBCode for Topic & Reply Content
    Not Working Yet: Categories

    Attached to bbPress Trac Ticket #2380 is the 1st pass patch for SMF importing into bbPress.

    To test the importer download the latest patch from the link above and copy/ftp the file into the /includes/admin/converters/ folder of your bbPress plugin.

    I hope to get the remaining outstanding items done ASAP.
    (User passwords will be a little trickier and will take a bit more time)

    Any feedback and/or testing that you can provide will help me out tremendously.


    Stephen :)

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  • ExposedPlanet


    I just did a conversion and all went quite well. @landshark: all external images (linked within posts) are showing up here, so that seems to work.

    I wonder if there is any way to convert/transfer the attachments so that they will work as well?


    I wonder if there is any way to convert/transfer the attachments so that they will work as well?

    I haven’t seen any particular effective ways to do this yet, I have a few ideas on how to add support to import the attachments into the WordPress media library but it only exists in imagination at this stage, once I get the time to take a look I most certainly will have a crack at it.



    @landshark: all external images (linked within posts) are showing up here, so that seems to work.

    Yeah I’m sure there mus be something unique about my situation that is causing the conversion to choke but I’ve run out of ideas as to how to figure it out. I was hoping for some help but alas, nothing.

    Being completely ignored for 2 weeks is frustrating to say the least.

    @landshark I wouldn’t say you were being ignored, we are all volunteers here and if and when people have the time to help others they do, myself included.

    What is the BBCode for images on your SMF forum?

    bbPress converts these default BBCode [img] to `<img src=”…”>
    If you have any custom BBCodes this will not work and you could either fix this in your SMF forum before importing or if your comfortable with MySQL you could update these in your database directly.




    I’m trying to convert an SMF forum using the importer, but the conversion stops at some time. I’ve tried stop and start with one row per time, but the error occurs again after some rows.
    There’s any working around to it?
    My SMF is portuguese, do I need to make any change in the installation to increase successful rate?



    Dear Edgar, soon after Kolya fixed the issue with permalinks I tried the SMF to bbPress converter feeding him an >5K replies forum with 381 user accounts. Loaded 10 rows/sec, ran fine with no errors and here is a miss: clearly imported 380-389 users, there are only 281 of them actually imported, and a bunch of messages’ authors replaced by a key master now. Moreover, many messages are cut inconsequently, word-wide. Topics/forums qty pass confirmed. Now reset the forums and starting over, for now 380-389 imported, still 281 in /users

    Any suggestions on it?

    Thank you!



    Dear Stephen, I apologize for this inconvenience with your name =)
    It’s 241 users, not 281. And yes, I’ve tried it 3 times in a row for now with different load but same result.

    Thank you for developing the converter, it’s nearly perfect!

    @mlduclos See for troubleshooting rows not imported, I haven’t ever tested a ‘Non English” import but I expect it should work just fine :)

    @pooledge Thanks and that is weird, do any of the imported user names have a prefix imported_ e.g. imported_pooledge? If so you’ll need to make sure you also delete any existing imported users before you try reimporting again otherwise the user ID’s will not match the imported posts.

    If they don’t have the imported_ prefix is there any common reason as to why some usernames are not imported? Do the users that are not imported have special characters, hyphens, whitespace in their username or anything else in common with each other, maybe they were all moderators or a different role on your SMF forum.



    Dear Stephen,

    Thank you for your response. It’s most likely because of the fact, that those usernames are written in cyrillic. Cyrillic posts and replies are fine though, only cut from time to time.
    imported_ prefix is applied to my username only, no problem with that. Conversion always starts from scratch.

    Best regards,

    @pooledge Oh! That is not good and would most likely be the cause :(

    I just created a user Вук Стефановић Караџић (WikiPedia: Vuk Stefanović Karadžić) and indeed the user was not imported.

    A quick look around and all we need to do is sanitize the username, I’ll look to add this to bbPress Core in a future release, probably quite a few bits of testing for other language scripts.

    For now though install and activate @SergeyBiryukov‘s Allow Cyrillic Usernames WordPress plugin and these will import perfectly. :)

    Also added this to our codex

    хаве а нице даи :)

Viewing 10 replies - 101 through 110 (of 110 total)

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