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Post toolbar plugin for bbpress 2

  • m-jay



    Your plugin is excellent !

    Big up !

    Could you explain how to use customised Smileys ?

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  • fyi this place is potentially better for plugin support:

    i dont like the new way. i have enough plugins and i dont want choose all the single items as a plugin.

    checkboxes in toolbar menu are okay but this way with activate as a plugin…

    no i dont like this. i realy dont like this.




    He’s explaining why he made the choice here though:

    Thanks pimarts. Like I said in that post, I’m kind of hoping that this toolbar will take off as a ‘must have’ for bbPress. With this, I also would like to inspire others to extend the toolbar using plugins. Perhaps After The Deadline could hook into this toolbar.

    Bringing the components into individual files was important for allowing people to turn everything on or off. I wanted all toolbar items to be treated (sort of) equally, so now they’re all plugged in via the hook.

    I am still playing around with some things up until bbPress 2.0 is marked as stable.



    Why not hook into the ‘forums’ admin panel itself and simply append the options there? That is kind of what the entire point of having the forums admin tab is for right?

    No offense, but 4 sep sub-plugins is just plain stupid. And yeah, I read the rational for it, just disagree and hope NO ONE else takes this approach. I can see the day when I open up my admin panel and have 300 sub-plugins in there to manage…. LOL

    *I still have the horrible memories of an ‘unnamed’ buddypress plugin that went this route. By the time I turned on all the needed features, my admin panel was displaying dozens of plugins… arghhhh

    yes youre right.

    my fear is 300 sub-plugins too ;)

    but i have today too many and with this toolbar came more.

    Alright. 0.5.7 in a few minutes.

    0.5.7 brings it back to sanity.

    Not really relevant to this topic.



    how to get wordpress plugins in bbpress?

    bbPress 2.0 is a plugin to WordPress. WordPress plugins can integrate with bbPress 2.0.

    bbPress 1.x has its own plugins system.

    I’ve allowed users to upload images, but whenever I try to upload an image it fails with increase post_max_size and upload_max_filesize to 5M.

    I don’t have any issues uploading with wordpress, and the values are currently set to 8M and 2M respectively.

    The image i was trying to upload was only 167KB I tried with a 47KB file as well and that didn’t work either.

    Any ideas?

    Just updated it to 0.6.0. This has a lot of things done. bbPress 2 RC 3 put the extra action hooks in the post form area, so the toolbar is using those now for placement of the bar. No more delete-dupes using JS :D

    KodeStar: On lines 55 and 98 of toolbar-images-panel.php change 5*1024*1024 to 2*1024*1024.

    Actually, I should make it based on those two PHP constants…or some WP setting related to that.



    There should be an option in the settings for max file size… Good job though, the plugin look better and better.

    Yeah, kind of. Dev version has the max file size equal to the php.ini setting, upload_max_filesize. You can actually just replace your copy of the toolbar-images-panel.php with the one in trunk and it will be fixed.

    I kinda want a few more things done before I make a 0.6.1 or something…and more time between them -_- Don’t like annoying people with overly frequent updates -_-

    The file in trunk: view | download



    I uploaded and activated the plugin (RC3 installed and working) and I allowed most items to be uploaded. I (for now, left the smilies in default). Now where would I see this toolbar?

    I assumed users would see it as they are posting a topic in the forum…

    Did I misread the intent of the toolbar?

    Here’s one of my topics…

    I explained a similar/same issue here:

    and another similar thing here:

    Turn manual insertion on in the options and then put <?php do_action( 'bbp_post_toolbar_insertion' ); ?> in your theme files. Probably somewhere.

    If bbPress is running with theme compatability mode then I’m not sure why it _isn’t_ showing.

    If it isn’t in compatability, then I think your theme doesn’t have the RC3 hooks that I am using.



    I have little experience editing PHP but If told what module to edit and what line to put it in on then I might have a chance..

    I have to go to the branch software since I lost the settings page. I have the first two items in the settings bet the rest of the page is blank…


    I’m lost on this too. I’m using Roots theme framework and didn’t import bbPress into my theme. Your toolbar shows up “bbp-template-notice” and the (way too big) avatar, but I would like to move the down to above the Reply text area.

    I kind of get how WP template tags work now but actually navigating all these PHP files is difficult.

    i think the new version is too muhch… nobody need a other font.




    Can I move the css file somewhere in my theme so that I don’t lose css changes when I update the plugin?

    My site uses a dark background with white text, so I have white on white text with your toolbar.

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