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Email notifications not working; looking for help

  • mostlyjan


    I am going crazy and would love to get help here or hire someone. Am using bbPress but no emails are being sent to users.

    We are hosted on MediaTemple’s Gridservice.
    We use theme AVADA
    We created a forum in Admin and another using the frontend (read somewhere this may matter).
    Added all our users via Admin: 73 Participants, 3 Moderators, 2 Keymasters
    We tried the BBpress Digest Plugin but it never worked. Developer seems to be MIA.
    We tried BBpress Email notifications but that did not work either.
    We added the SMTP plugin; the “test emails” using it arrive fine but again, no subscription emails are ever sent.
    WordPress admin emails DO work fine (eg ‘pswd changed for user XYZ’).
    Activated Plugins:

    • bbPress,
    • GD bbPress Attachments
    • bbPress auto subscribe for new topics and replies,
    • Black Studio TinyMCE
    • Custom Login
    • Simple Members only
    • WP-Mail-SMTP
    • Fusion Core (Avada theme)

    We have a single Forum. At the top of that forum, there is no subscription/favorite link either.

    this very well may be the host but i am not 100% sure of that as the other emails work.

    i would happily pay someone to figure this out. i have spent hours and hours on this and am ready to look for alternatives. But unfortunately i have topics and 73 users…

    thanks to anyone who can give me new things to try. I am losing it here. And as said, i am all open to hiring someone; not sure what the policies are to that effect on this site…

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  • Killerrabbit2



    Did find any solutions? I am going through the exact some thing.



    nah. never heard anything from anyone or support and could not get this to work. Test emails work but nothing else. Tried everything. We are dumping this bbpress and will look for something that works and/or has support. Very disappointing. Hope you get yours to work.

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