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Converting from punBB?

  • Ottens


    Is there any simple way yet to convert an existing punBB forum (I’m running version 1.2.16) into bbPress yet? I tried the bbConverter plugin which says their punBB converter is “not complete”. I tried it anyway, but it simply didn’t do anything.

    Also found this topic:

    But I don’t know how to “run” the script. If it would work at all, it’s five years old.

    Your advice?

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  • knsheely


    There is a converter that now comes packaged with bbPress. You can run the converter by visiting Tools->Forums. There is no punBB converter included, but you can modify the Example.php converter based on punBB’s database structure. The converters are located in includes/admin/converter. The converter basically is a way to specify how the fields need to be mapped.

    Unfortunately the Example.php seems to be missing a few key fields, so it would be good to look at the bbPress1.php converter for an idea of all of the necessary fields (ie. the topic post_content field has no field mapped to it in Example.php).



    Thanks for your reply, knsheely. Problem is, I don’t know what changes I’d have to make to the example file to make it work with punBB. (If I did, I’d have done that, of course.)

    I’m actually half way through making an importer for PunBB.

    I’ll post a link to it here in the next few days, I have forums and topics importing fine but getting the SQL right for the replies has been killing me.

    Stephen Edgar


    All the details for the PunBB Importer are in the following thread:

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