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Converting from punBB?

  • Ottens


    Is there any simple way yet to convert an existing punBB forum (I’m running version 1.2.16) into bbPress yet? I tried the bbConverter plugin which says their punBB converter is “not complete”. I tried it anyway, but it simply didn’t do anything.

    Also found this topic:

    But I don’t know how to “run” the script. If it would work at all, it’s five years old.

    Your advice?

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  • knsheely


    There is a converter that now comes packaged with bbPress. You can run the converter by visiting Tools->Forums. There is no punBB converter included, but you can modify the Example.php converter based on punBB’s database structure. The converters are located in includes/admin/converter. The converter basically is a way to specify how the fields need to be mapped.

    Unfortunately the Example.php seems to be missing a few key fields, so it would be good to look at the bbPress1.php converter for an idea of all of the necessary fields (ie. the topic post_content field has no field mapped to it in Example.php).



    Thanks for your reply, knsheely. Problem is, I don’t know what changes I’d have to make to the example file to make it work with punBB. (If I did, I’d have done that, of course.)

    Stephen Edgar


    I’m actually half way through making an importer for PunBB.

    I’ll post a link to it here in the next few days, I have forums and topics importing fine but getting the SQL right for the replies has been killing me.

    All the details for the PunBB Importer are in the following thread:

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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