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YouTube in bbPress2.0 vs BuddyPress 1.5 Group Forum

  • When I paste a youtube link into a bbPress 2.0 forum posting or reply it comes out as a link.

    When I paste the same youtube link into a buddyPress 1.5 broup forum it comes back as I expected (like wordpress) as an embedded video.

    Is there a way to get the two versions of bbPress to act the same?

    Thanks, and please forgive my ignorance if this is a simple, obvious configuration setting that somehow I overlooked.


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  • BTW, had a similar experience adding a wysiwyg editor to bbPress. In that case, it worked in bbPress 2.0 site-wide but not in the individual group forums.

    It would be nice if bbPress behaved basically the same inside and outside groups for a buddyPress / bbPress install on the same site.

    Don’t get me wrong… both are awesome and exceedingly complex under the hood.

    Thank you!

    Just today I added a Plugin called “bbPress Post Toolbar” to correct the very issue you’re referring too here. My youtube video’s were coming out as links. After installing this Plugin I didn’t even have to repost the links. They just magically became imbedded video. Hope this helps ya! :)

    Hey Andrew,

    I took a look at bbPress Post Toolbar but it seemed to add bbcodes either by hand or by clicking a button. With “normal” wordpress, and inside the buddypress group forums, if you just enter the url as text, with no added adornment, it just shows up as embedded video. I believe the same is true for image urls but haven’t tested recently.

    Also, I’m confused. On both the WPplugin directory as well as the master501 website, it shows the latest version as being back in August, not today???



Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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