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YouTube Embed Issue

  • garrityalf


    Hi – I am setting up a forum similar to this one using bbpress:

    I want to be able to allow people to create an account and then post YouTube videos in ASL. I then want them to be able to embed the video into their forum page (similar to the above).

    Here is the bbpress I’ve created:

    I’m calling the forum ASL exchange and you’ll notice that I created a test topic called Baby Signs. When you click on that post you’ll notice the YTV video link but I was unable to embed the video in the post so the video plays there (instead of just the link).

    Can someone explain to me how or what I need to do to embed the video into the post?


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  • Stephen Edgar


    You need to make sure embeds are enabled for both bbPress & WordPress

    Auto-embed Links
    Enable forum participants to embed links from YouTube, Twitter, and others by simply pasting a link into their topic or reply. This is done using the WordPress oEmbed API. More information and a full list of supported sites can be found on the Embed Codex page.

    You could enable Featured Images for your theme and bbPress and also display the actual image just as the site you link to does (at the left of the topic/post)

    Find out if your theme supports ‘Featured Images’ and if so then enabling them in some customized bbPress templates would mirror that same look. 🙂



    Hi – thanks for your reply. I know this is going to sound defeatist and lazy but I simply cannot believe that in this day and age of automation that BBP makes you have to do all of this technical stuff.

    I run a blog for my client that you can see here on non-hosted WP. They’re very happy with it:

    You’ll see in the blog that it’s so easy for me to just plug a YTV video in there. So now my client wants a forum where they can allow others to post a wide variety of YouTube videos presented in ASL (like the example in the first post). But what’s mind blowing to me is when I set up BBPress, I’m amazed that this feature of embed is not right there and ready to go; but instead, I have to tweak and do all kinds of complex stuff like adding codes and stuff. Wow.

    I chose WP because the blog (not the forum) does all of this for you conveniently so I can do my job of publishing and not have to worry or figure out all of these codes and stuff. Why in the world would bbPress be completely different.

    Anyway, thanks for your help and I’m not really sure what to do at this point about my client’s forum needs.

    Stephen Edgar


    The ONLY thing you need to do is make sure embeds are turned on for bbPress, that’s it and it is I believe enabled by default (I thought there was a setting in WordPress for this but the setting was removed and is enabled by default)

    Essentially you shouldn’t have had to do anything, just post a YouTube link in a topic or reply in your forum and it should work as you expect it should.

    Stephen Edgar


    Wooo… Hang on a second… Why are you using the ‘unsupported’ old bbPress v1.x? (This was retired ~2 years ago)

    And to quote you “I know this is going to sound defeatist and lazy but I simply cannot believe that in this day and age of automation that BBP makes you have to do all of this technical stuff.”

    You should be installing WordPress and using the bbPress v2.x Plugin and that IS supported and instructions I gave were for the bbPress 2.x plugin.

    The extra info I had in my original reply was for ‘if’ you wanted to add some extra styling by adding the thumbnail pics of the YouTube videos as custom images to your topic descriptions. It was meant to just be a pointer that ‘if’ you wanted this type of look for your forums ‘it’ could be done with some custom customizations.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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