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You Do Not Have Sufficient Permission To Access This Page

  • TheSeoGuy

    @theseoguy – running WordPress since 2008. In Dec 2012 I was asked to rebuild it, enhance its features, including installation of bbPress / BuddyPress etc.

    PROBLEM: an item I have not been able to solve is that users with Admin access can log in, but cannot access the default Admin page. However, they are able to use the Edit option when viewing a page whilst logged in.

    I’ve read through numerous forum posts on and other sites, and tried solutions others have found, but have not solved the problem. Some ‘solutions’ have created additional setbacks! Trying to force a database upgrade resulted in all user’s passwords ceasing to work, requiring manual resets via MySQL… 🙂

    Over the past month;
    – the site has been successively upgraded to 3.5.0 and then to 3.5.1
    – wp-admin / wp-includes directories have been replaced with fresh copies to eliminate possibility of a corrupt file
    – wp-config has been replaced with latest version
    – Database “repair” run from Cpanel
    – checked for “curly” quotes in user meta-data
    – site used standard wp_ table prefixes
    – disk space is not an issue
    – max memory use test shows +80mb which seems ok
    – directory / file permissions are 755 / 644 respectively throughout

    And yet, the problem persists…

    An additional / presumably related issue: whilst the Super Admin can access all WP Admin areas, including plugin sub-pages. However, the BackupBuddy plugin does NOT show the menu subpages, and entering the URL for those gives that same “you don’t have permissions to access that page” error! Deactivating & deleting it and adding it back via FTP does not resolve that problem.

    NB: The underlying problem pre-dates the rebuild, the site now runs:
    – BuddyPress / and the Buddy theme,
    – Quick Cache
    – Stop Spammer Registrations & Confirm User Registration plugin
    – User Spam Remover
    – Wordfence security
    – BuddyPress backup

    Any suggestions on how to solve our “permissions” issues would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Try posting WordPress questions on

    (I would also break up your question into multiple questions eg. Post your BackupBuddy plugin question in there support section for the plugin.)



    Hi Stephen

    Indeed – I’d already done all that, and made no progress – not a single response on after a week! 🙂

    I’ve also posted on BuddyPress, and have received 1 helpful suggestion that I’m about to try this morning.

    BackupBuddy thought their next release may solve the missing sub-pages, and supplied me with the pre-release Dev version – sadly, the problem persists.


    A lack of response or lack of solution from your posts elsewhere still does not make this a bbPress support issue, closing this topic.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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