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Wrong sidebar showing for topics

  • dasboo125


    Hi there

    I am using WordPress Version 4.4.2 and BBPress v2.5.8. I am using a magazine theme called Soledad which allows a number of custom sidebars.

    After setting the forum root to community (and I removed the shortcode from a page) and seeing that I did not have a sidebar, I created a new bbpress.php in a child theme to enable it.

    At first the sidebar was showing as the default one on the main forum index and the individual forums and topics were showing a custom side bar that I had assigned to posts (it shows the author bio)

    After I installed BB WP Tweaks, the main forum index page is showing the correct side bar after adding in the widgets into the BBPress sidebar. However, individual forums and topics are still showing the sidebar assigned to post.

    Any help much appreciated. I have read the how to page on setting up specific sidebars, but not luck.


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