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Wrap bbpress default theme with my theme?

  • guylabbe


    This seems very simple to do but I couldn’t get it working. I want the default bbpress theme but wrapped with my theme.

    I added the CSS file in my theme and I added a forum index shortcode in the main forum page. Right now the forum index renders OK (the forum index is the content, everything is correctly wrapped by my theme, interpreted by page.php I guess).

    But as soon I get to a topic page, it’s the single.php or page.php that is used, without any bbpress template file (no breadcrumbs, etc., there is only the post).

    I don’t want to customize bbpress, just want the bbpress template to appear in my theme content templates. Any way to do this easily? I would like to avoid customize all pages one by one and keep built it theme integrity…

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