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WPMU db integration breaks admin

  • adaptiman


    I’m using bbPress 0.902 and WPMU 1.3.3. Integrating the bbPress with the user database works, but then I can’t access the bbPress admin console anymore. Here’s what happens:

    1. install bbPress without integration and in the process create an admin account bbadmin.

    2. The bbadmin account works, I can access the bbPress admin screens, etc.

    3. Change the integration settings to point to the WPMU users table. I do NOT do the cookie integration as this is problematic with the new password hashing.

    4. bbPress immediately logs bbadmin out. I can login with WPMU user accounts, but none of them can access the bbPress admin console. More importantly, the bbadmin account can’t login anymore.

    I’ve replicated this problem 7 times.

    The bottom line is that I can’t use the db integration feature at all.

    Question – how can I integrate the WPMU users and still access the bbPress admin console?

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  • adaptiman


    Clarification – when bbadmin tries to login after integration, the response is that bbadmin does not exist. I think this is because bbadmin credentials created by the bbPress installation are not stored in the WPMU users table. Of course, it wouldn’t exist. But bbPress doesn’t copy over those credentials or look at both tables to authenticate.

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