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WPMU+ BuddyPress on one Server and bbPress on another

  • I’m planning (/ trying !!**!!) to run WPMU branch 2.7.1r1715, bbPress 1.0-Alpha-6, latest BuddyPress, r1324.

    My Hosting provider won’t allow RPC calls on the same server, so I have to mount bbPress on a different domain and server.

    Will it work?

    Assuming, it will:

    Is it better to put bbPress in the root, or in a folder (usually root/forums )?

    What (apart from the cookie hash) are the issues that I’m going to face?

    How would I configure the cookies?

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  • Setup should not be any different to the case where they are on the same server besides the obvious need to change the URLs in the admin area of BuddyPress/WPMU.

    You will have issues if you can’t somehow share the same user database from these servers though or at least somehow replicate that data reliably to the bbPress server.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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