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wpmu bbpress isntall showing correctly in mozilla but not in IE

  • First off let me say IE should be taken out and shot behind the shed. Probably shouldn’t say that living in the land of Microsoft!

    So I have a wpmu bbpress install have a 3 column theme set up. The divs in the single sidebar float the first column left, second column right. I finally got it to display correctly by inserting the content div or in this case the ncol div. I had to place the get sidebar and get footer inside the closing div tag and magically Mozilla shows everything correctly.

    What a great day 10 minutes into troubleshooting and I fix the problem. However it was incredibly short lived! In IE it displays everything correctly except the sidebar. Instead the sidebar appears on the left side underneath the forum.

    I have a regular and ie stylesheet, tried to make sure there weren’t any major discrepencies between the two. There weren’t. Anyone know what I need to do to make it load next to the forum in IE instead of below it?

    By the way I have the bbpress styling calling up my wpmu stylesheet. I copied the style divs that bbpress calls from the bb press style sheet and inserted them into the wpmu stylesheet.

    I’d offer up an example at the site but I can’t. I have another version of the site running for visitors at the moment.

    Hope that made sense! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

    example of set up:


    get header

    div ncol

    div discussion etc..


    get sidebar

    get footer


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  • mfaxion?

    You’re going to have to save the page HTML output, the images in it and the stylesheets, zip ’em up and put them up for downloading, otherwise I can’t help you.

    I do not recommend two mostly identical seperate stylesheets for the two browsers. If you need to use two different stylesheets, then you should have one main file that both browsers get and two much smaller files that account for the quirks and necessary hacks. Code duplication is never good.

    You can fix by simply adding width: 550px; rules to hottags and discussions, by the way.


    Fel64 can i upload files to this board?

    Can i just send the files in an email?? Feel free to send it to me at admin at mysoberlife dot com.

    No attachments here, but you can use something like Rapidshare or similar. Not sure what you want me to email you? But you can email me the files: fel64 not at

    The not at part is sarcasm

    fle64 email bounced back. here is the link for rapidshare thanks again!

    That’s strange with the email. Thanks for the zip, but I’m having trouble with my dev server and I’d rather not put things on my public server. Can you open an page of this on your browser, say the forum index, go to File > Save, save everything and give it to me?

    Could you just post the relevant parts of css here? By relevant, I mean the all-enclosing div tag and the 3 divs for the 3 columns. I’m thinking it’s a padding + width issue. IE and firefox handle these differently. For one, Width = width + padding. For the other Width is width without the padding.

    Ok did some work got front-page to display correctly by putting in (div page). Put that in all the css files calling header, sidebar and footer. Didn’t help. Here is the basic div structure:

    <div head>


    <div page>

    <div ncol>



    <div footer>


    header {

    margin: 0px 0px;

    padding: 0px;

    display: block;

    width: 778px;


    background-color: #314D73;

    background: url(‘images/header.jpg’) no-repeat bottom center;

    border: 0px solid #CCCCCC;

    cursor: pointer;


    .page {

    width: 778px;

    margin: 1px 0px;

    padding: 0px;

    background-color: transparent;

    border:0px solid #CCCCCC;

    text-align: left;

    float: left;


    .ncol {

    padding: 20px 0px 10px 23px;

    width: 395px;




    .footer {

    font-family: ‘Lucida Grande’, Verdana, Arial, Sans-Serif;

    line-height: 17px;

    font-size: 0.8em;

    margin: 0px 0px;

    padding-bottom: 30px;

    width: 778px;

    height: 80px;

    background: url(‘images/footer.jpg’) no-repeat bottom center;

    border:0px solid #CCCCCC;



    link is mysoberlife dot com/forums

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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