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WP/bbPress log in and log out

  • Hello!

    I use 2.6.3 version of WP and I just installed bbPress 0.9.

    I also use Freshly Baked Cookies plugin ( to allow bbPress using WP cookies.

    What I get now is a strange situation: when I log into WP then I become logged out from bbPress and when I log into bbPress then I become logged out from WP, so I can never be logged in both of them. Everything else work fine.

    My WP works on address and bbPress works on address. I have fulfilled all the integration instructions.

    What is also strange that when I log in WP then get these cookies:

    – wordpress_logged_in_[HASH 1]: admin%7C[HASH 2]

    – wordpress_test_cookie: WP+Cookie+check

    – wpfsession: [10 digits number]

    – wp-admin wordpress_[HASH 1]: admin%7C[HASH 3]

    – wp-content/plugins wordpress_[HASH 1]: admin%7C[HASH 3]

    …and when I log in bbPress then I get similar but [HASH 2] is the same as [HASH 3].

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thank you in advance!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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