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WP Thumbnails on BBPress – Integration

  • I integrated WP 2.7 with BBPress 1.0.6 alpha using my wp theme. The problem I have is that I have thumbnails on bbpress using a wp plugin in the sidebar but the thumbnails dont show on content area below bbpress

    My WPTheme / BBPress template is like this

    1. WPHeader then

    2. BBPress – WPSidebar <=== thumbnails here, finally…

    3. WP-Content <=== but No thumbnails here

    4 WP-Footer <=== but No thumbnails here, the excerpts from the post you can see as usual, but the thumbnails dont appear

    Do i have to add some functions on bbpress or bbheader? @_@ I am clueless why it does show the thumbnails on the sidebar but not on the content area below bbpress.

    Thanks for your help! Any hints, suggestions, etc. highly appreciated : )

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